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Perspectives: Action Required

by Veenstra, Cindy P.; Walters, Glenn

IN ITS EFFORT to advance ideas, research and practice in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and workforce, ASQ’s Education Division co-sponsored the third annual Advancing the STEM Agenda Conference earlier this year....

Open Access

Perspectives: Bank on It

by Kumiega, Andrew; Davis, Michael; Van Vliet, Ben

Automated trading, including high-frequency trading, now accounts for more than 70% of daily trading volume. Though not everyone agrees, most academic studies support the claim that automation benefits the overall functioning of society and markets....

Standards Outlook: Ingraining Innovation

by Reid, R. Dan

The concept of innovation has been around for a while, but it has grown and evolved to become an issue of significant, if not critical, importance to organizations....

How Useful Is QFD?

by Sanford, John L.

The author describes his experience mentoring high school students participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition, a multinational event that teams professionals and students to solve engineering problems. After a successful performance in the 2003...

TI Has Eye on Alignment

by Stratton, Brad

Business excellence through total quality at Texas Instruments (TI) is the product of organizational strengths that include: customer focus, supplier relationships, teams, and policy deployment. Interviews with president and chief executive officer...

Quality 1 On 1: A New Game Plan

by Struebing, Laura

Quality Forum XII was an opportunity to discuss the role of people, both customers and employees. Deborah L. Hopen, ASQC chairman of the board noted the importance of links between organizations and their customers. Understanding quality from the...

VIA Rail Puts the Brakes on Runaway Operations

by Bemowski, Karen

The empowered employees (known as colleagues) of VIA Rail Canada Inc. have reduced costs and improved customer service since Terry Ivany became president and chief executive officer. From 1992 to 1995 VIA has reduced its federal payments for train...

Automation Doesn't Automatically Solve Problems

by Hawley, John K.

Human factors issues are important elements of manufacturing technology. Automated process control is qualitatively different from manual process control The complexities of automated systems require effective job design, operator-computer interfaces,...

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