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Innovation Imperative: Think Big

by Merrill, Peter

If we look at past trends, we may be able to predict future direction. However, complexity makes that increasingly difficult. So predicting the future of quality in this increasingly complex world won’t be easy....


by Marra, Ted; Bendell, Tony;

Two thought leaders discuss how leadership must play a role in making quality an organizational strategic imperative and understand how the past and present influence the future....

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Pop Culture

by Edmund, Mark

WHETHER OR NOT the general public realizes it, quality is all around us, the quality profession is quick to profess. Virtually every aspect of society has been (or should be) touched by some form of quality....

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Quality in the First Person: Who Cares?

by Purdy, Derek

Because quality professionals have the word “quality” in their job titles, their work is held to a higher standard. This author shares how he learned the importance of doing the job right the first time from his brother....

Measure for Measure: Where Do You Fit?

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupation Classification system does not recognize job titles and descriptions for calibration technicians, calibration engineers or metrologists....

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Career Corner: An Honest Effect

by Whitacre, Teresa

In your career, it is better to experience a lesser reward for your own merits than rising to the top by standing on the shoulders of your peers. Integrity and ethics are fundamentals of long-remembered careers....

Expert Answers: July 2015

by Merrill, Peter; Walfish, Steven

Integrating quality, innovation ... Switching standards...

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Career Corner: Kindling the Flame

by Harkins, Ray

A primary goal of ASQ’s certification program is to encourage the continual growth of quality professionals through career-long learning, and now more than ever, online learning content is just a click away, making recertification easier than ever....

On Top of Your Game

by Wawrzyniak, Linda

Have you ever been up close to watch the world’s greatest skiers race down a mountain or one of the top golfers on the 18th green at the Masters Golf Tournament? Maybe you’ve sat in the front row at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as cars stream by?...

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Career Corner: Square Pegs, Round Holes

by Harkins, Ray

How to cultivate the skills and qualifications employers want...

Salary Survey 2014: Part 1, Section 3. Salary by Number of Years of Experience in Quality Field

by Hansen, Max Christian

Year after year, the QP Salary Survey shows two things about its respondents: They tend to stay in the quality profession, and they reap rewards for having more and more experience....

Salary Survey 2014: Part 1, Section 8. Salary by Number of Years in Current Position

by Hansen, Max Christian

Experience in the quality profession is a fairly good predictor of salary (see “Section 3. Salary by Number of Years of Experience in the Quality Field”), but the number of years a professional has been in his or her current position is not....

Salary Survey 2014: Part 1, Section 9. Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field

by Hansen, Max Christian

As reported in section 8, there seems to be little correlation between the pay of quality professionals and the time they have been in their position within the same organization. This fact has shown itself year after year in the annual QP Salary Survey....

Salary Survey 2014: Part 1, Section 18. Salary by Exemplar Global Certification

by Hansen, Max Christian

Worldwide, 19.6% of the surveyed quality professionals have at least one Exemplar Global certification. This is up from last year’s tally of 14.2%. Canadian and U.S. respondents held 62 of the 72 certifications listed in the salary survey....

Salary Survey 2014: Part 1, Section 19. Salary by Gender and Age

by Hansen, Max Christian

In the United States, there continues to be an earnings gap between men and women. This gap is at its widest among quality professionals between 46 and 55 years of age. This is a difference of 13%....

Salary Survey 2014: Part 2, Section 22. Base Earnings by Years of Experience

by Hansen, Max Christian

For quality professionals who work as employees of organizations, there’s an obvious reward for accruing years of experience in the quality profession, as section 3 demonstrates....

Finding Harmony

by Kennedy, Bob

Creating a universally accepted definition of quality can help in achieving quality globally to make this the century of quality....

Strength in Numbers

by Clark, Peter

To refresh his résumé after a job loss, the author sought ASQ certifications because of their reputation for relevance and rigor....

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Step It Up

by Grigg, Alfred; Hirt, Michael; Laman, Scott A.; Marmon, Jerry; and McShane Vaughn, Mary

SITTING IS THE new smoking. The more you sit and stagnate, some doctors say, the poorer the outlook is on your health and even life expectancy—regardless of how fit you think you are....

Innovation Imperative: Making Choices

by Merrill, Peter

When you think about how to steer your career, it’s important not to steer too hard. Life presents many opportunities, and if you are trying to force your way through, you will miss the opportunities that come your way....

Standards Outlook: Do You Really Understand?

by Russell, J.P.

The challenge for quality professionals for the next decade is to achieve a deeper understanding of our profession and its purpose....

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2013 QP Salary Survey Webcast Powerpoint Presentation

by Hansen, Max Christian

View a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the webcast summarizing and discussing the 2013 QP Salary Survey, featuring author Max Christian Hansen....

2013 Salary Survey: Part 2, Section 24. Earnings and Rates by Age, Gender and Geographic Location

by Hansen, Max Christian

In the United States, 109 full-time consultants responded to this year’s QP Salary Survey. Among this group, more than half are more than 56 years old and 71.9% are male, as Table 1 shows....

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Salary Survey 2013: Read Their Minds

by Hansen, Max Christian

The quality profession is helping the world economy pull out of its long slump. And the professionals who responded to this year’s QP Salary Survey seem to be experiencing their own recovery—be it ever so slight....

2013 Salary Survey: Part 1, Section 12. Salary by Industry

by Hansen, Max Christian

Year after year, respondents from North America are more likely to work in the manufacturing sector than the service sector. But, also perennially, the workers in service industries bring home, on average, bigger paychecks....

2013 Salary Survey: Part 2, Section 22. Base Earnings by Years of Experience

by Hansen, Max Christian

It seems an individual’s years of experience as a consultant are a poor predictor of individual earnings—at least that’s the picture presented by Figure 1, which shows income by consulting experience for our self-employed respondents worldwide....

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Words to Work By

by QP Staff

Readers shared their favorite quality quotes and reflected on the wisdom of the words....

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Perspectives: Getting It Right

by Kennedy, Bob

One of the surest ways to lose credibility is to issue some edict, mantra or slogan that is silly to the extreme. Consider the phrase, “Do it right the first time.” What a load of nonsense. Has anyone achieved such a feat—other than by accident?...

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Quality in the First Person: Show and Tell

by Weeden, Marcia M.

I have a confession to make. One of the most frustrating things I have encountered during the course of my quality career is trying to explain what I do for a living to people who have no idea what quality is or what it does....

Why Certify?

by Laman, Scott A.; Korkuch, Dana; Kohler, Rene; Drobnick, Rudy; Kramer, Robin; Gardner, Pete; DiPuppo, Janet G.; Krothapalli, Sowmya;

These stories are told by people at different stages of their careers. One of the things they have in common, however, is they’ve carefully considered the costs and benefits of ASQ certification....

Salary Survey 2012: Part 1, Section 2: Salary by U.S. Regions and Canadian Provinces

by Hansen, Max Christian

South Carolina 1.4% 96.8 North Carolina 3.6% 95.3 Tennessee 2.1% 89.6 Kentucky 1.3% 89.9 WV 0.3% 92.9 Virginia 2.9% 95.8 Maryland 2.1% 123.4 Delaware 0.4% 108.2 D. C. 0.1% 144.4 New Jersey 2.1% 128.6 Connecticut 1.7% 132.7 RI 0.3% 125.5 MA 3.5% 121.4 Mai...

Salary Survey 2012: Part 1, Section 3: Salary by Number of Years of Experience in the Quality Field

by Hansen, Max Christian

Salary by years in quality and job title for U. S. respondents / Table 1 ConTinued) Minimum Maximum Standard deviation Count Mean Median Analyst no experience $ 80,000 $ 129,000 $ 22,218 4 $ 97,800 $ 84,000 less than 1 year 28,000 77,800 19,915 7 50,114 ...

Salary Survey 2012: Part 1, Section 9: Salary by No. of Years in Current Position and in Quality

by Hansen, Max Christian

Part 1. Regular Employee Results Section 9. Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field Longevity.s Effect On Earnings Cross- tabulation of the number of years in current position and in the quality field / Table 1 In a positio...

Salary Survey 2012: Part 1, Section 10: Salary by Number of Employees Overseen

by Hansen, Max Christian

QP 65 QP Salary Survey 2 0 1 2 Salary by number of employees overseen for U. S. respondents / Figure 2 Salary by number of employees overseen for Canadian respondents / Figure 3 125,378 111,064 100,758 102,717 93,924 89,209 85,176 76,431 0 $ 20,000 $ 40,...

Salary Survey 2012: Part 1, Section 14: Salary by Organizational Quality Infrastructure

by Hansen, Max Christian

Salary by quality department membership for U. S. respondents / Table 3 Part of a quality department Not part of a quality department Percentage Average salary Percentage Average salary All respondents 80.7% $ 84,445 19.3% $ 96,346 analyst 63 64,330 37 7...

Salary Survey 2012: Part 1, Section 17: Salary by Highest Level of Educ. and No. of Yrs. in Quality

by Hansen, Max Christian

Qp 157 Salary by highest level of education and years in quality for U. S. respondents / Figure 1 51,289 64,242 76,781 59,756 65,897 75,339 71,705 89,217 99,561 85,232 103,187 113,211 99,562 109,591 138,626 $ 20,000 0 $ 40,000 $ 60,000 $ 80,000 $ 100,000...

Salary Survey 2012: Part 2, Section 22: Base Earnings by Years of Experience

by Hansen, Max Christian

Qp 181 Base earnings by consulting experience for U. S. self- employed consultants / Figure 1 133,145 150,981 122,500 161,818 124,015 43,417 56,500 95,969 93,000 85,700 80,383 37,705 0 $ 20,000 $ 40,000 $ 60,000 $ 80,000 $ 100,000 $ 120,000 $ 140,000 $ 1...

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Quality Around the Clock

by QP Staff

It’s in your DNA. It’s how your mind works. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. When you work in quality, you see things differently. You approach problems and scenarios in certain ways. It happens after you’ve signed off....

Innovation Imperative: Time for a Change

by Merrill, Peter

A quality manager’s career is far from predictable. It depends on the attitude of an organization’s leadership toward quality and, perhaps more importantly, leadership’s understanding of what quality is....

In the Spotlight

by Keathley, Jane

Based on what we know about the skills needed for innovation management, what quality management functions, responsibilities and skills can be applied to manage innovation?...

Quality for Tomorrow

by Merrill, Peter

The work of the quality profession has evolved over the years from quality control to quality assurance to quality management. But what is the next stage of evolution from quality management?...

Rethinking Design

by Gattiker, Thomas

Design thinking offers several tools and concepts that can complement problem-solving approaches normally taught and used by quality professionals....

Taking the Wheel

by Goodman, John

Customer experience has become the mantra of senior management looking to enhance revenue and margins. In fact, more companies are trying to differentiate themselves not only on product quality but also on total customer experience....

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Perspectives: Taken for Granted

by Kennedy, Bob

The ISO 9000 series is Quality 101, and as quality practitioners, we should never forget it....

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Back to Basics: Psychology Central

by Carpenter, Ed

Understanding how people work is the purview of psychology—hence, psychology is the hub of the system of profound knowledge. Business and quality always come down to people. Knowledge of psychology is essential....

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Quality in the First Person: Quality at Its Core

by Coleman, Lance

After leaving the manufacturing sector for 12 years and then returning, I found quality was still what drew me to the industry. Quality has carried me through my professional life, as well as my personal life, in ways I never realized were possible....

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Tribal Quest

by Dew, John

The continuing abundance of news stories about quality failures in the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and education sectors is a reminder that award-winning organizations are islands in a sea of quality indifference....

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Salary Survey 2011: Land the Big One

by Hansen, Max Christian; Wilde, Nancy J.; Kinch, Eileen R.;

Certification holders—or those thinking about obtaining certifications—should know that these assets make them more attractive to potential employers. In most cases, a certification offers the most value when it is held by a professional whose job duties ...

Salary Survey 2011: Part 1, Section 17: Salary by Highest Level of Education and Yrs in Quality Fld

by Hansen, Max Christian

Salary by highest level of education and years in the quality field for U. S. respondents / FIGUre 1 Salary by highest level of education and years in the quality field for Canadian respondents / FIGUre 2 53,217 62,871 72,863 55,990 70,437 74,583 74,238 ...

Salary Survey 2011: Part 1, Section 8: Salary by Number of Years in Current Position

by Hansen, Max Christian

QP 53 SPonSoreD by QP Salary Survey 2 0 1 1 Salary by number of years in current position for U. S. respondents / Table 1 ( ConTinueD) Minimum Maximum Standard deviation Count Mean Median Analyst less than 1 year $ 42,000 $ 95,000 $ 18,221 23 $ 68,923 $ ...

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Career Corner: Add Risk to Your Job Title

by Hutchins, Greg

Add risk to your job title if you’re a quality professional or a senior quality manager. This will enhance your marketability if you’re looking for a job and your chances for promotion if you’re employed....

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40 New Voices of Quality

by QP Staff

When QP set out to find the individuals who will give a voice to the new generation of quality professionals, one of the hopes was that the group’s makeup would lend insight into what the future holds....

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Around the Bend

by Krzykowski, Brett

While the eight forces found in the 2011 ASQ Future of Quality Study are unique, what ties the group together is the theme of emergence—the idea that, in many cases, these forces rose quickly and seemingly out of nowhere....

Is Six Sigma Dead?

by Weeks, J. Bruce;

There are reports from the field about the death of Six Sigma. The word is that it has been overused, has not brought its expected benefits and that newer methodologies, such as the theory of constraints and systems thinking, are replacing it....

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Career Corner: Planning Ahead

by Lindborg, Henry J.

When TQM became a strategic imperative for competitive advantage, celebrity CEOs became cheerleaders, quality maturity was measured by more vice presidents for quality, and academics traced quality’s history from inspection to customer-focused strategy....

Statistics Roundtable: Proper Blending

by Snee, Ronald D.; Hoerl, Roger W.

Since we proposed the idea and theory behind statistical engineering, we’re often asked: “Is it just another term for traditional applied statistics?” That’s a legitimate question....

Not Your Normal SOP

by Brewton, Oliver; Culbreth, Tim; Groeger, Hans

To ensure business activities are performed correctly and consistently, it is vital to be compliant to numerous quality, safety and regulatory requirements. One way to do so is to understand and develop thorough procedures—and then follow them....

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Getting on Track

by Bowers, Dorothy P.; West, John E. “Jack”

ISO 26000 is here. Are you ready? Maybe the better question is: Do you care? You should. ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility has been touted as the new standard that can help manage social responsibility issues at your organization....

3.4 per Million: Sum it Up

by Conklin, Joseph D.

The future of the quality profession is a perennially popular topic of conversation whenever my colleagues gather at the water cooler, the monthly section meeting or the annual ASQ conference....

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Career Corner: The Missing Links

by Lindborg, Henry J.

The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence presents an ideal pattern of values to which quality professionals can aspire. Tracking its development throughout close to a quarter century reveals shifts in the quality community’s thinking...

Quality in the First Person: Reflections of Progress

by Thor, Scott

Like many quality professionals I know, my career didn’t start with a focus on quality. My working life started after I finished an associate degree at a local community college and pursued a hands-on career in welding. Welding proved to be a...

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Salary Survey 2010: Revealing Answers

by Seaman, Julia E.; Allen, I. Elaine

Every year, QP’S Salary Survey sparks countless questions for quality professionals and gets them thinking about their careers and personal development: How do I compare with others? What can I do to get ahead? Are things getting better out there?...

Salary Survey 2010: Part 1, Section 3: Salary by Number of Years of Experience in the Quality Field

by Hansen, Max Christian

Through the years, QP’s salary surveys have consistently shown that quality professionals are rewarded for their years in the field. In fact, experience by itself accounts for some of the salary premium paid to the highest earners....

Salary Survey 2010: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

experience by gender / FIGURE 2 More than 20 years 10.1- 20 years 6.1- 10 years 3.1- 6 years $ 6,000 Male Years of experience in quality profession Years of experience in quality profession Female $ 4,000 $ 2,000 0 $ 2,000 $ 4,000 $ 6,000 1- 3 years Less...

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Guru Guide

by QP Staff

The quality world certainly has its game-changers, and as part of its annual quality basics issue, QP is highlighting six individuals who indelibly altered the course of quality....

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Career Corner: Quality's New Role

by Hutchins, Greg

When was the last time you were at ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI)? If it has been several years, it is worth considering attending the 2011 conference in Pittsburgh. It will be a really great event....

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Career Corner: School of Hard Knocks

by Hutchins, Greg

The first thing that came to mind as I was thinking about this column was that I’d share my experiences in launching a new product and some of the hard lessons I’ve learned on pitching, almost daily, projects and solutions to customers....

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Career Corner: Lesson Learned

by Lindborg, Henry J.

In fall 2009, when I remarked to university educators that a particular decision-making tool was widely used at Toyota, their response was respectful interest. When I did the same this February, a similar group laughed derisively at the comment...

Expert Answers: March 2010

by QP Staff

Using fault tree analysis ... The value of fellowship ......

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Career Climb

by Kulisek, Diane G.; Whitacre, Teresa; Westcott, Russell T.; Lindborg, Hank; Hutchins, Greg

You don’t need to be jobless in today’s economy to feel stressed and apprehensive about your current situation. You don’t need to be reminded there aren’t any guarantees in today’s world....

Test Run

by Ramu, Govind

In 2008, 14,906 people took ASQ certification exams, and 9,394 of these people—or 63%—passed. So how can you avoid being one of the certification exam takers who will not pass this year?...

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Salary Survey 2009: Holding Steady

by Conklin, Joseph D.

QP’s salary survey is interesting in good times, and even more so in lean times. My observations for the 2009 version fall into three categories: profiles of success, limits of the survey and questions readers might ask to reflect on career development....

Salary Survey 2009: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

52 section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. exempt Status Online section 8 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position Online section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field Onli...

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Spring Into Action

by Feigenbaum, A.V.

Last year, I was presented the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. It was a great honor for all of us at General Systems Co.—and for all of us in the quality profession—to be recognized for our efforts related to total quality and innovation....

Managing Expectations

by Westcott, Russell T.

One condition is vital for initiating, implementing and sustaining a viable quality initiative: management support. Surprisingly, very few articles and books on quality even mention this need, let alone what to do if support isn’t there....

Quality in the First Person: Make a Pit Stop

by Gould, Kirk, and Vincent, Chad

With each passing day, it seems as though the economy get a little worse. The stock market, unemployment rates and layoffs all paint a grim picture of the current state of the nation. While everyone is looking for an end to the economic crisis...

Critical Stage

by West, A.H. "Jack"

Has Six Sigma been a good thing? While this is a straightforward question, there isn’t a simple answer....

Quality in the First Person: Quality Isn't a 9-to-5 Job

by Miller, Christopher

As a quality professional, I often think about how quality is embedded in people’s everyday lives. Looking back at my own life, I was shocked to learn how long and how much of an impact quality has had on me—especially outside of work....

Riding the Storm Out

by QP Staff

Virtually everyone and every organization has been touched in some way by today’s turbulent economy. Smaller budgets, unexpected layoffs and workplace shake-ups have become commonplace....

Expert Answers: March 2009

by Kubiak, T.M.; Leonard, Jim; Allen, I. Elaine

Return policy ... restructuring activities ... sample size....

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Back in Circulation

by Vincent, Chad

As the applications for lean expand, organizations must realize lean’s usefulness goes beyond environmental efforts. But first, we must look at the history of lean and to understand how its future fully complements social responsibility....

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Total Quality, Total Commitment

by Watson, Gregory H.

An innovative approach to quality helped A.V. Feigenbaum create the concept of total quality management. Indeed, Feigenbaum’s quality contributions have been praised by U.S. business leaders and quality professionals around the globe. Armand V. Feigenbaum...

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What's Up?

by Sanders, Seiche

Study participants outlined the forces, four scenarios in which they might play out, and the implications to quality, organizations and the profession. Study participants were asked to envision the implications of the key forces and scenarios for quality ...

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Online Sidebars Sanders

by Sanders, Seiche

Increasing movement from quality of product to quality of management and the organization. The systems approaches the quality profession has evolved through ISO 9000 and other management system standards will be valued by organizations looking to bring qu...

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Futures Study

by QP Staff

Forces of Change From All ASQ Futures Studies Table 1 1996 1999 2002 2005 2008 Changing values Partnering Quality must deliver bottom- line results Globalization Globalization Globalization Learning systems Management systems will increasingly absorb the...

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Geared Toward Innovation

by Bisgaard, Soren

The role of innovation is being vigorously debated among quality professionals and in society at large. It is therefore appropriate that innovation has been elevated to one of the most important strategic issues for the quality profession....

Strength in Numbers

by Gardner, Leslie; Osburn, Terrence; Pearson, Tom

Finding resources to pursue quality improvement and organizational excellence is the greatest challenge confronting most organizations today, including universities and professional organizations....

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Career Corner: Don't Settle for Shortcuts

by Noble, Tim

Although they have been around for years, diploma mills are increasingly gaining exposure in the internet age, using technology to bombard us with offers for quick degrees that can be obtained with little or no academic effort. People who obtain degrees f...

Standards Outlook: Product vs. System Quality

by Gordon, Dale K.

We live in an era in which complex and technologically advanced products are produced on a regular basis. Little concern is given to the engineering and advanced process capabilities that are required to produce them....

Measure for Measure: Short Supply

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

ASQ’s Measurement Quality Division (MQD) and the National Conference of Standard Laboratories International (NCSLI) have partnered on several projects to promote and enhance the metrology field with an education and training outreach program for...

Part 1 Section 16 Salary by Highest Level of Education

by QP Staff

PART 1. REGULAR EMPLOYEE RESULTS Section 16. Salary by Highest Level of Education FIGURE 1 Highest Level of Education Percentage of respondents 0% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0.1 Below high school 6.9 High school diploma 4.5 Vocational/ technical certificate 1.8...

Part I Section 5 Salary Six Sigma Training (Regular Employees)

by QP Staff

QUALITY PROGRESS I DECEMBER 2007 I 45 FIGURE 1 79,790 89,011 116,259 109,098 114,394 75,006 Green Belt ( 19.6%) Black Belt ( 16.9%) Master Black Belt ( 3.8%) Champion ( 1.6%) Executive ( 1.3%) None ( 56.9%) $ 0 $ 20,000 $ 40,000 $ 60,000 $ 100,000 $ 80,0...

Salary Survey-Regular Employee and Self-Employed Consultants Results

by QP Staff

45 Section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online Section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. Exempt Status Online Section 8 Salary by Number of Years of Quality Experience and Highest Level of Education Online Section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Posit...

Part 1 Section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours

by QP Staff

Section 6. Salary by Number of Work Hours PART 1. REGULAR EMPLOYEE RESULTS $ 0 Average salary $ 20,000 $ 40,000 $ 60,000 $ 80,000 $ 100,000 $ 120,000 Average number of hours worked per week ( percentage of respondents) 51,824 Less than 35 hours ( 0.6%) 6...

Quality Glossary

by Nelsen, Dave

Five years after it published its first glossary of quality terms, ASQ has revised that glossary with updated definitions and new entries, many from the lean glossary published in 2005. This reference of terms, acronyms, and prominent figures in the...

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10 Quality Basics

by Duffy, Grace; Payne, Graeme; Rooney, James; Hare, Lynne; West, John E. "Jack"; Borawski, Paul; Westcott, Russ; Okes, Duke; Guttman, Howard; Foster, S. Thomas; Conklin, Joe

In an overview designed to give quality newcomers a glimpse of the knowledge they need to succeed, ten regular Quality Progress contributors write on 10 basic quality topics that are fundamentals essential to surviving in a quality role. Topics covered...

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Reaching Out to CEOs

by Palmer, Brien

Interested in promoting quality as an agent of profit and prosperity, ASQ asked the Pittsburgh section to participate in a pilot run of the Economic Case for Quality by surveying local business leaders to determine how they perceived the impact of...

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Career Corner: Has Information About Quality Become a Liability?

by Kulisek, Diane

While having lunch with a good friend not long ago, I gained unique insight into a very real concern for those of us in the quality profession and the organizations we work with....

Quality in the First Person: Quality on the Front Lines

by Furr, Joseph P.

"Always remain in a rigid state of flexibility" is the one thing about quality that has definitely stuck with me all these years. After checking the internet and finding no information on who might have coined that phrase, I shall claim it as mine....

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Career Corner: Maximize the Use of Your Abilities

by Westcott, Russ

In the December 2005 edition of Quality Progress, former editor Debbie Phillips-Donaldson asked, “Does your organization make full use of your abilities?” If the answer is yes, good for you and your organization....

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