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Clues About Culture

by Hankel, Amanda

When it comes to building a culture of quality, each organization must develop its own approach. It can be helpful, however, to learn what other organizations around the world are doing and to see how your organization compares....

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The Ripple Effect

by Schmidt, Megan

The 2013 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients said their use of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence was their catalyst for achieving strategic goals and higher levels of quality....

Insurance Policy

by Minckler, William

Using a quality-centric approach, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in 2012 embarked on an initiative to create an enterprise content management system to manage, safeguard and accelerate the use of key informational assets....

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Making the Rounds

by Volland, Jennifer

Executive leader rounding helps organization leaders connect with the voice of the customer and understand day-to-day procedures to identify needs or shortcomings in service delivery....

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Looping in Quality

by Awofala, Dele

The quality loop framework provides organizations with a structured approach to integrating quality throughout the product assembly process—from the workstation to the customer....

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Online Figures Keeping Current

by QP Staff

com 1 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% Quality metrics are not effectively measured. 0% 5 % 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 55% No plans. EQMS = enterprise quality management software EQMS adoption rates / ONLINE FIGURE 2 Top quality manag...

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Measuring Up

by Hankel, Amanda

What is, and what does it mean to your organization and your industry? What does continuous improvement mean for your country, region and community, now and in the future? These are questions that, until recently, hadn’t been answered on a global level....

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Career Corner: In Shape for Quality

by Conklin, Joseph D.

I first met A.H. when my personal growth shifted to a more horizontal direction. He has since gone solo, working as a self-employed personal trainer. When I learned he had gone solo, I wondered if his perspective on managing for quality had changed....

Healthy Returns

by Kennedy, Denise; Caselli, Richard J.; Berry, Leonard L.

The future of any enterprise depends on the quality of its customer service. All organizations—even those manufacturing products—are service organizations because all create value for customers by performing services....

In the Trenches

by Tiwari, Anshuman

Deploying a quality change program is something every organization needs to do sooner or later, whether it involves lean, Six Sigma, the Baldrige criteria, kaizen or any other improvement effort. But managing a change program is a double-edged sword....

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Site Seeing

by Yu, Louis W.; Urkin, Esther; Lum, Steve; Kenett, Ron S.; Ben-Jacob, Ron

Assessing exposure to risk events and initiating proactive risk mitigation actions must be a priority of organizations worldwide. Fortunately, there’s a conceptual and methodical approach to conducting a risk-based quality audit....

Expert Answers: March 2011

by QP Staff

Explaining rework verification ... Getting management involved ... Measurement confusion....

A Lean Transformation

by Adrian, Nicole

Sacred Heart Hospital CEO Steve Ronstrom first learned about lean while working on boats in Alaska. There, they didn’t waste a thing—they wouldn’t even throw away a piece of rope. When he later returned home and worked in a hospital, he observed...

Added Traction

by Fedotowsky, Alex

The balanced scorecard (BSC) has been accepted in the business world as a valid instrument with which to translate and deploy an organization’s business strategy throughout its infrastructure....

Seamless Transactions

by Adrian, Nicole

Customer service is certainly important to any business, in any industry. But when a company’s purpose is to process millions of financial transactions on behalf of its customers—who depend on the company’s speed, accuracy and professionalism...

3.4 per Million: Insight or Folly?

by Breyfogle, Forrest W.

In lean Six Sigma, much training effort is spent on conveying the importance of having a measurement system so that consistent and correct decisions are made relative to assessing part quality and process attributes....

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All Ears

by Sherman, Peter; Vono, Jim

Imagine you are presenting the analysis and findings of a critical operational issue or proposed improvement project to senior management. You feel confident because you’ve thoroughly measured and analyzed the data....

Turbocharge Your Preventive Action System

by Sittsamer, Murray J.; Oxley, Michael R.; O’Hara, William

A layered process audit (LPA) is an ongoing chain of simple verification checks to make sure a defined process is followed correctly. This powerful management tool can improve safety, quality and cost savings by amplifying problem solving systems and...

Benchmarking in Hospitals: More Than a Scorecard

by Sower, Victor

The term “benchmarking” as mentioned in hospital quality literature is not true benchmarking, but simply a comparison of outcome measures with industry averages. Benchmarking is an improvement process that measures an organization’s performance...

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Living Inside China's Quality Revolution

by Pompeo, Jack

Quality processes in China today continue to be influenced by remnants of ancient policies and practices. When Huawei Technologies, one of China’s largest telecommunications manufacturers, recently declared its intention to become the Toyota of the...

Standards Outlook: New Version of TL 9000 Released

by Liebesman, Sandford; Walz, John

The global telecommunications industry, an important part of the global economy, will reach $1.3 trillion in revenues by the close of 2007....

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Back to Basics: Best Practices in Auditing

by Gupta, Anil

Organizations conduct audits to examine a business process and evaluate the process’s compliance with internal and external requirements. They also use audits to implement continuous improvements. Internal and supplier audits allow management to:...

Minimize Your Waste Line

by Thornton, Anna

Many companies see the enthusiasm surrounding new quality initiatives wane once the immediate benefits decrease and realities of day-to-day operational procedures override long term goals. While no plan can provide instant, lasting improvement, the...

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Six Sigma and the Bottom Line

by Bisgaard, Soren; Freiesleben, Johannes

The cost of poor quality is a key criterion for the selection of Six Sigma projects. The economic effects of Six Sigma can be impressive, but must be evaluated relative to a company's cost structure and revenues. While defects and other quality metrics...

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Which Six Sigma Metric Should I Use?

by Rudisill, Frank; Druley, Steve

Since its inception at Motorola in the early 1980s, Six Sigma has helped large and small companies solve problems, improve processes, delight customers and increase profits....

Can TL 9000 Contribute to Telecom's Turnaround?

by Clancy, Bob

Since TL 9000’s inception near the end of the 20th century, managers and executives have harbored significant skepticism toward the quality management standard for the telecommunications industry....

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Toe the Line: No More WorldComs

by Faltin, Donna M.; Faltin, Frederick

Revelation of mismanagement at WorldCom, Enron, Adelphia and other companies have led to an unprecedented erosion of confidence in corporate America....

An Integrated Operations Performance Metric

by Reid, Richard A.

A case study demonstrates that a firm can improve customer satisfaction and increase its market share by initiating both quality and productivity improvements. The firm manufactures gift shop items in a major metropolitan area in the Southwest and...

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From Quality to Business Success

by Taormina, Tom

Quality professionals have made little progress in communicating how to convert quality tools and methods into a foundation for sound business management. The model "quality as a profit center (QPC)" makes the case that every facet of a quality...

Quality by Knowledge

by Dvir, Ron

The other "60%" was devoted to knowledge management projects, such as mapping internal experts, sharing knowledge within virtual teams and supporting reuse of knowledge. Our first hint came in January 1999 when we read an excellent article on quality and ...

Six Sigma, E-Commerce Pose New Challenges

by Kendall, Jenny; Fulenwider, Donna

Companies feel a need to become more flexible and ready to respond to rapid changes due to the growth of e-commerce. Corporate systems for responding to such changes have the same role as that of the central nervous system in the human body. The...

TL 9000 Performance Metrics to Drive Improvement

by Aycock, D. Galen; Drouin, Jean-Normand; Yohe, Thomas F.

The Metrics Repository System is a defining characteristic of TL 9000, as compared to other sector-specific implementations of ISO 9000. Mandatory performance and product metrics will facilitate benchmarking and improvement in the telecommunications...

Using Quality to Create a Viable Disaster Plan

by Wood, Charles G.

The Deming Prize provides a framework for disaster planning. Such planning is vital because it helps the organization remain effective, while reducing risk and increasing the likelihood of meeting customer expectations. Disaster planning is a business...

Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time

by Macfarlane, Malcolm L.

The ISO 9000 registration process for a software company relies on humor, a sense of proportion, critical success factors, and the avoidance of typical mistakes. A sense of humor can soften internal criticisms, while a sense of proportion helps avoid...

What Do Managers Really Think of the ISO 9000 Registration Process?

by Weston, F. C., Jr.

Forty Colorado companies were surveyed about the ISO 9000 registration process. Each company was ISO-9000 registered, and the key ISO 9000 person at each firm answered the 22 open-ended survey questions. Results indicate that 85% of the firms sought...

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