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Getting on Track

by Bowers, Dorothy P.; West, John E. “Jack”

ISO 26000 is here. Are you ready? Maybe the better question is: Do you care? You should. ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility has been touted as the new standard that can help manage social responsibility issues at your organization....

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Career Corner: Full-Time Quality Manager or Part-Time Quality Consultant?

by Kulisek, Diane

As companies become leaner and the workforce becomes older, it seems the use of highly qualified quality assurance consultants would be an attractive alternative to hiring full-time regular quality managers....

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One Good Idea: Turning the Frown Upside Down

by Parker, Dave; Parker, Anne Marie

It is good practice to communicate the progress of the audit during the actual audit. We have found, however, when summarizing audit findings at the closing meeting, it is sometimes too easy to lay most of the emphasis on nonconformity....

12 Keys to Career Success

by Oltesvig, John

As the number of manufacturing jobs continues to decline in the United States, many quality professionals have become concerned about job security and opportunities to attain career success. But like Joseph Juran and W. Edwards Deming before them, each...

How Do You Begin?

by McCain, Cecelia

So, how did I begin in quality? I began knowing basically nothing about it and evolved my knowledge over 13 years....

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The Growth of Risk Management

by Gould, Greg

The quality profession and ASQ were very successful during the l980s and '90s. ASQ surged ahead in membership, national prominence and public policy influence....

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Quality From Scratch: A Model for Small Business

by Duffy, Grace

Whether a company is large or small, quality programs are vital to assure customer, stakeholder, and employee satisfaction. Many small businesses, however, may find limited resources and conflicting priorities make the quest for organizational...

Simple Quality for Smaller Organizations

by Townsend, Pat; Gebhardt, Joan

Involving everyone in an organization in a sustainable quality process requires that management understand that the process is both simple and difficult. Paul Revere Insurance Group and UICI Insurance Company each began their quality efforts with the...

Quality Movement Helps Brazil's Economy

by Campos, Vicente Falconi

Key was establishment of a foundation

Examples of these books are Gerenciamento da Rotina do Trabalho do Dia a Dia 4 (Daily Work Routine Management) and Gerenciamento Pelas Diretrizes 5 (Managing by Policy). There must be a management system We have learned not to accept pulverized ideas. Aft...

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The Branding of Six Sigma

by Hutchins, Greg

Brand yourself the same way

So, back to Six Sigma branding: The wannabe quality gurus took their lead from the leading marketing books. To build Six Sigma brand equity, they did what marking experts advise. Wannabe gurus write Six Sigma books to create awareness and buzz....

Column: Career Corner: Great Quality Consulting

by Hutchins, Greg

The future for quality consultants won't rest solely on their ability to improve processes, design interventions or give advice. "Improving processes or even improving internal performance is not sufficient if we cannot connect the improvement to...

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Great Quality Consulting

by Hutchins, Greg

Improvements must be connected to external results

Reid teaches the popular ASQ workshop "Skills for the Quality Consultant" and is the principal consultant with the Performance Design Group in Sarasota, FL. He offers some valuable thoughts and suggestions for those who want to position themselves as succ...

Salary Survey – 1999

by ASQ

Full Survey

22 I Q U A L I T Y P R O G R E S S I N O V E M B E R 1 9 9 9 Table of Contents PART 1 Regular Employee Results Section 1. Salary by Job Title and Nonexempt vs. Exempt Status* 25 Section 2. Salary by Number of Work Hours* 27 Section 3. Salary by Nonexempt...

TQM Within FORTUNE 500 Corporations

by Lackritz, James R.

A survey of Fortune 500 corporations examined implementation of total quality management (TQM). The 500 mailed questionnaires produced 95 responses. Almost all (91.5%) of the respondents have a formal quality management program. Of the 80 that follow...

Implementing the ISO 9000 Standards in Belgium

by Vloeberghs, Daniel; Bellens, Jan

In Belgium, 290 companies participated in a study of ISO 9000 certification. About 30% of the respondents were in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Another 13% were in the iron industry. External motivations were the most important reasons for...

Seven Ways to Make Money from ISO 9000

by Scotto, Michael J.

There are bottom-line benefits to preparing for ISO 9000 registration. Tools for these money-making opportunities include information for increasing organizational efficiency and for understanding and subsequently improving processes. Improvements in...

Leave Your Soft Drinks (and Sanity) at the Door

by Hemphill, Delores

Failure of total quality management (TQM) at a health care facility had five causes. First, the consultants were inexperienced and did not adapt their methods to the client's culture. Management must be ready for TQM, and consultants must use common...

Quality Is Helping Canadian Airlines International Get Off the Ground

by Bemowski, Karen

Employee involvement and customer focus has enabled Canadian Airlines International to improve its customer service ranking from last to first in five years. An interview with chief executive officer (CEO) Kevin J. Jenkins highlights the company's...

What Went Wrong in U. S. Business's Attempt to Rescue Its Competitiveness?

by Hoover, Herbert W., Jr.

Appropriate application of TQM (total quality management) and realistic expectations of its effects can prevent implementation failures. Definitions of TQM from the U. S. General Accounting Office and Department of Defense emphasize: employee...

What It Takes to Be a Quality Consultant

by Williamson, Hugh

The quality catalyst should be able to: overcome misperceptions; enable cultural change; encourage built-in quality; and help people find their own solutions. A TQM (total quality management) consultant must have these skills. Misperceptions to be...

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