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Continuing Education and Development Directory

by QP Staff

So if feeling stuck, stagnant or dispirited, look into amping up your smarts with some of the best training, education and certification opportunities available today. Not only will you be helping to ensure your employability, you.ll increase you...

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Career Corner: Kindling the Flame

by Harkins, Ray

A primary goal of ASQ’s certification program is to encourage the continual growth of quality professionals through career-long learning, and now more than ever, online learning content is just a click away, making recertification easier than ever....

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Quality in the First Person: Identity Crisis

by Brooks, Chris

The longer I am involved in quality management and business growth consulting, the more I am convinced that a simple truth is often overlooked: Quality is not something we do. It is who we are....

Whole New World

by Conklin, Joseph D.

Seasoned quality professionals rethink Deming’s 14 points for a new generation....

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Step It Up

by Grigg, Alfred; Hirt, Michael; Laman, Scott A.; Marmon, Jerry; and McShane Vaughn, Mary

SITTING IS THE new smoking. The more you sit and stagnate, some doctors say, the poorer the outlook is on your health and even life expectancy—regardless of how fit you think you are....

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Quality in the First Person: Road Warrior

by Coleman, Lance

Why conferences are your secret career weapon....

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Career Corner: Career Compass

by Whitacre, Teresa

Use basic quality tools to avoid navigating professional development blindly....

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Blog Boom

by Calfa, Jimena; Graban, Mark; Hunter, John; Stepniowski, Jennifer J.; and Zrymiak, Daniel

Back in the late 1990s—well before 140-character Tweets, before Facebook posts and before LinkedIn discussions—there was the blog. Register at any number of blogging sites and you could set up your own personal or professional website....

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Making Connections

by Brown, Marshall

Whether you’re searching for a job or not, building a network of professional connections is important for career development....

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Quality in the First Person: Pay It Forward

by Ramu, Govind

Helping professionals on their ASQ certification journeys and improving their careers gives this ASQ member a sense of fulfillment....

2013 Salary Survey: Part 1, Section 17. Salary by Highest Level of Ed. and Yrs. of Exp. in Quality

by Hansen, Max Christian

Year after year, the QP Salary Survey shows that education pays off in higher salaries for quality professionals. The two most advanced degrees, the master’s degree and doctorate, seem to pay especially large dividends....

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Words to Work By

by QP Staff

Readers shared their favorite quality quotes and reflected on the wisdom of the words....

Standards Outlook: Checking the Checkers

by Russell, J. P.

ISO 19011:2011—Guidelines for auditing management systems provides guidance for managing audit programs. Clause 5.6 provides guidance on improving an audit program, just as other departments in an organization are expected to continue to improve....

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Career Corner: Build Your Economic Case

by Westcott, Russell T.

Do you realize that one of the greatest means for professional development is attending a quality industry conference? But first, you need to get there....

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Lessons in Labeling

by Braswell, Nina; Koroseta, Jill; Grogan, Amy

What kind of care would you want for a loved one fighting cancer? This is the question the experts at Cancer Treatment Centers of America ask themselves every day and motivates employees to create a culture where continuous improvement becomes a habit....

Why Certify?

by Laman, Scott A.; Korkuch, Dana; Kohler, Rene; Drobnick, Rudy; Kramer, Robin; Gardner, Pete; DiPuppo, Janet G.; Krothapalli, Sowmya;

These stories are told by people at different stages of their careers. One of the things they have in common, however, is they’ve carefully considered the costs and benefits of ASQ certification....

Lasting Impression

by Stauffer, Rip; Owens, Debra

A recent paper found that quality initiatives have made significant contributions to three primary indicators of economic well-being: gross domestic product, corporate tax revenues and employment....

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Career Corner: Mapping the Future

by Whitacre, Teresa

As quality professionals, one technique we are all taught is change management. But how we learn to embrace and manage change doesn’t just apply to our job tasks and duties. Career development also requires applying a change management process....

In the Spotlight

by Keathley, Jane

Based on what we know about the skills needed for innovation management, what quality management functions, responsibilities and skills can be applied to manage innovation?...

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40 New Voices of Quality

by QP Staff

When QP set out to find the individuals who will give a voice to the new generation of quality professionals, one of the hopes was that the group’s makeup would lend insight into what the future holds....

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Career Corner: Sell Yourself

by Westcott, Russell T.

Your personal body of knowledge (BoK) differs from your résumé. A résumé focuses more on your achievements: the situation you encountered, what you did about it and what results you obtained. Your personal BoK focuses on what you know, the skills...

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Career Corner: Playing the Hiring Game

by Conklin, Joseph D.

When organizations conduct job searches and look for new employees to fill open positions, it’s likely hiring personnel feel the job market is in their favor and that there are plenty of job candidates looking for positions. Companies do, however, have...

Social Graces

by Burdick, Babette

Social networking is old hat by now, and most people dabble in it or participate with little impact. But social networking is an important means of branding yourself, your skill set and your company’s capabilities, products and services....

Test Run

by Ramu, Govind

In 2008, 14,906 people took ASQ certification exams, and 9,394 of these people—or 63%—passed. So how can you avoid being one of the certification exam takers who will not pass this year?...

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PDSA Leads to Top Accolades

by Adrian, Nicole

Force field analysis. Two-way communication. SWOT analysis. These terms are likely familiar to quality professionals in the manufacturing, service and possibly even healthcare fields. But to those in education? It’s unlikely....

Keeping Score

by Benjamin, Steve

Like most of you, I’ve seen the “latest, greatest thing” introduced in organizations — repeatedly. We observe initial excitement for the new strategy, bursts of employee training, spotty implementation and eventual abandonment of the new approach....

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Career Corner: Survive and Thrive

by Lindborg, Hank

No sector is immune. Manufacturing, IT, finance, healthcare, education, publishing and retail are being affected by conditions that range from slowdown to slow-motion collapse....

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Career Corner: Something Worth Catching

by Westcott, Russ

CAGS stands for capability + adaptability + growthability + sustainability. It’s a formula for success in any field....

Strength in Numbers

by Gardner, Leslie; Osburn, Terrence; Pearson, Tom

Finding resources to pursue quality improvement and organizational excellence is the greatest challenge confronting most organizations today, including universities and professional organizations....

Measure for Measure: Short Supply

by Grachanen, Christopher L.

ASQ’s Measurement Quality Division (MQD) and the National Conference of Standard Laboratories International (NCSLI) have partnered on several projects to promote and enhance the metrology field with an education and training outreach program for...

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Achieve Compliance Through CI

by Chow, Alan F.; Bowman, Ronald; Wittenberg, Leonard C.

Using Six Sigma tools for continuous improvement (CI) is a proven method for meeting or exceeding FDA requirements for medical devices. Optical Integrity Inc., a manufacturer of medical devices, used the Six Sigma define, measure, analyze, improve...

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Career Corner: The New Job Security

by Hutchins, Greg

Security is an international issue that crosses borders. In today's asymmetric war on terrorism, everyone and everything are possible targets....

Online Figures: Don't Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater

by Dreier, Frederick

Berthoud High School areas of quality: Suggested areas to strengthen: � Academic planning ( T, S) � Number of staff at extra duty activities ( T, S) � School to life/ college ( T, S) � Input from parents ( T, SIT) � Establishing bridges with postsecondar...

Don't Throw Out the Baby With the Bath Water

by Dreier, Frederick

Public school accountability prompted by the No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to assess the quality of educational delivery and make changes to assure student academic success, as well as establish a process for continual improvement....

Climbing the Career Ladder: It's Up to You

by Walker, H. Fred; Levesque, Justin

With as much information on the subject of career development as there is available today, the real challenge is recognizing that you, not your employer, are responsible for your own career development, and then finding a structure to guide your plans....

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Building Quality at Veridian Homes

by Leonard, Denis

Veridian Homes in Madison, Wisconsin uses several quality methods to improve productivity while reducing impact on the environment. To achieve its goal of promoting and coordinating quality throughout the company, the company employed the National...

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Career Corner: Making Performance Reviews Work for You

by Conklin, Joe

With rare exception in the course of my work life, I have been fortunate to have reasonable and fair supervisors. One thing they tended to agree on was that performance reviews should be a two-way communication process....

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Oklahoma School District Goes Over the Top

by Daniels, Susan E.

In 2005, the Jenks Public Schools in Oklahoma became one of only seven organizations to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for education since the category was instituted in 2001. Its data revealed that JPS was already ranked among the best...

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Career Corner: How To Become an Internal Consultant

by Westcott, Russ

This article is not about how to become an external consultant - it is about enriching your quality job by assuming a role of internal consultant....

New Standard Guides Internal and Supplier Audits

by Johnson, Gary L.

A supplement to enhance ISO 19011:2002, Guidelines on Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing, has been developed by U.S. experts. The supplement provides guidance for internal and supplier programs and the use of the standard by small...

Feigenbaum on Quality: Past, Present, Future

by Kubiak, T.M.

In an interview held at the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Seattle this year, quality pioneer Armand V. Feigenbaum shared his views on the current status and future of quality. Feigenbaum notes that quality has always been a cyclic...

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Narrow Focus Provides Widespread Benefits

by Funk, Valerie

The vision of the University of Northern Colorado's Monfort College of Business (MCB) was to provide Colorado's best undergraduate business program. To accomplish this, the college eliminated all graduate programs, including the state's largest MBA...

The Metamorphosis of the Quality Professional

by Westcott, Russ

Over the next decade, quality professionals can expect to see their roles increasingly absorbed into project management and other areas. To survive in this environment, quality professionals will have to acquire new competencies....

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Can the Gurus' Concepts Cure Healthcare?

by Nielsen, Don M.; Merry, Martin D.; Schyve, Paul M.; Bisognano, Maureen

Representatives of the movement for quality in healthcare present the views of four quality gurus as they apply to managing cost and improving the quality of healthcare. Don M. Nielsen says Philip Crosby's emphasis on prevention and zero defects has led...

Juran, Japan and the Profession

by Lindborg, Hank

Celebration of Joseph Juran's 100th birthday (Dec. 24, 2004) began in early May with an event sponsored by the Juran Institute. Quality Progress also ran a cover story profiling his contributions in its May 2004 issue....

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Juran, Japan and the profession.

by Lindborg, Hank

Celebration of Joseph Juran?s 100th birthday (Dec. 24, 2004) began in early May with an event sponsored by the Juran Institute. Quality Progress also ran a cover story profiling his contributions in its May 2004 issue....

Column: Career Corner: What's In It for Me?

by Westcott, Russ

If you're reading Quality Progress, you are most likely a member of ASQ. If you attend your local section's meetings, you no doubt constantly hear about the need for volunteers to help with the section's activities....

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What's in it for me?

by Westcott, Russ

If you?re reading Quality Progress, you are most likely a member of ASQ. If you attend your local section?s meetings, you no doubt constantly hear about the need for volunteers to help with the section?s activities....

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The Message Is Clear

by Hopen, Deborah

This abstract is based on the ]In 2002, the CGISS division of Motorola won the Baldrige award in the manufacturing category. Through strict process improvement measures, the division was able to increase its direct customer loyalty, customer...

Column: Standards Outlook: Test ISO 9000:2000 Understanding

by Mroz, James G

Your ISO 9001:2000 certificate is only as good as the people helping to manage, review, evaluate and update the quality management system (QMS) behind...

Better Public Schools With ISO 9000:2000

by Stimson, William A.

Formal standards for learning in public schools are being implemented in the majority of states. The ISO 9000:2000 quality management standards provide a useful structure that can be successfully adapted for the education sector. The National...

ASQ Section and Student Branch Spark Conference

by O’Donoghue, Michael

One feature of the ASQ section 205 support of a small ASQ student branch at Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York is an invitation to Broome alumni to apply for the international visitor fellowship sponsored by the section and the Cooperative...

Column: Career Corner: Sell Your Contribution To the Bottom Line

by Westcott, Russ

Don't be too polite to blow your own horn. Telling people what you have accomplished is good for them as well as for...

Column: World View: European Statistics Network Grows Rapidly

by Bisgaard, Søren; Does, Ronald; Stewardson, Dave

Aims to increase understanding, idea exchange, networking and professional development

ENBIS now has more than 500 members from 25 countries across the entire European continent plus nine non-European countries, including nine members from the United States, seven from Israel and one from Canada. Most members are...

Column: Career Corner: Fired? Tired? Mired?

by Westcott, Russ

Your professional development is your responsibility. You have to seek the right environment and then proactively make professional development happen. The Mutual Investment in Individual Development model has been successfully used for more than 30...

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First to the Top

by Daniels, Susan E.

A small, scattered school district in a remote part of Alaska, a suburban school district near New York City, and a mid-sized public university have become the first winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the education category. The...

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Become a Baldrige Examiner

by Hoisington, Steve

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), created by Congress in 1987 as a national initiative to help industry and service organizations improve performance and become more efficient and competitive, is administered by the Baldrige National...

Lessons Learned

by Treichler, David H.; Carmichael, Ronald D.

Despite the difficulty of transferring technology and methodology from one culture to another, a team from Raytheon has successfully conducted Six Sigma based tactical transformation workshops for Raytheon Business units, their customers, and suppliers...

Column: Career Corner: Who is responsible for your career?

by Westcott, Russ

Plans and actions that distinguish the quality professional of the future:Environmental scanningVision and mission statementsGoals and objectivesAction plansImplement plans, monitor progress and reward accomplishment....

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Who is responsible for your career?

by Westcott, Russ

Two perspectives on professional development

Concurrently, employers stopped emphasizing employee loyalty when it became evident that they themselves failed the loyalty test with their employees. Employees move from employer to employer (some with portable benefits, most without) as they struggle to...

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The State of Quality Auditing

by Hutchins, Greg

Internal, quality, operational, safety, environmental, compliance, and customer-supplier audits will converge in the near future. In particular, the model is likely to be adopted by publicly held organizations. Because many concepts of internal control...

The Education of a Metrologist

by Stein, Philip

Finding and using measurement science resources

Metrology (measurement science) is an interesting and unusual profession. He or she should also have specialized knowledge in several metrology and engineering areas--the most common being mechanical and dimensional measurements, electrical measurements, ...

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Column: One Good Idea: ASQ's awards process lets you put your mark on quality.

by McClaskey, David J.

[Abstract from article]

The awards process provides an opportunity to shape the future of quality by bestowing recognition on those whose work deserves wider acclaim. It can also be a professional development opportunity, because the nomination...

ASQ Awards Process Lets You Put Your Mark on Quality

by McClaskey, David J.

Nominating process is open and easy

As we approach the Nov. 1 deadline for nominations, I am encouraging all ASQ members to help us identify qualified candidates for the next round of awards. You should also use an ASQ nomination form as a guide for professional development. You do not have...

Building a Better Doctor

by Murti, Gene; Sefton, Ann Jervie

Both the content and delivery of the medical education program at the University of Sydney in Australia changed in fundamental ways due to the application of quality tools. With the participation of staff and students, the Faculty of Medicine initiated...

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The Call of Quality: Doing Right Things Right

by Jacques, March Laree

Models of excellence and doing the right thing are found in codes of ethics, certification programs, and award criteria. In this era of competitiveness and complexity, people and their organizations are challenged to understand the multiple aspects of...

QS-9000 Customer Satisfaction Monitoring Isn't Working

by Loomis, William Robert

Small and midsize companies should go beyond the marketing survey to listen to their customers. Customer monitoring in the automotive industry has not been served well by QS-9000. This is evident in sub-element 4.1.6, Customer Satisfaction, which some...

To Be a Problem Solver, Be a Classicist

by Chaudhry, Abdul M.

The ideal problem solving team or individual has ten qualities that generate the acronym "classicist." The team or individual is creative (linked to insight, flexibility, versatility, and openness to alternatives); is a leader (built on self-esteem and...

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Measuring Up in a Cincinnati Suburb

by Quattrone, David F.

The Indian Hill public school system has used the framework of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) to improve itself. Indian Hill participated in a 1995 Baldrige Award pilot program for educational organizations. Only 19 applications...

Go with the Flow: Stress and the Quality Professional

by Dew, John R.

Being aware of the sources and danger signs of too much stress as well as knowing how to cope will enable quality professionals to avoid the disabling nature of negative stress and make the most of positive stress. When it is positive, stress generates...

NCR's Quality Turnaround

by Staffaroni, Kathy; Bernstein, Mark

A two-phase quality improvement program at NCR supported its efforts to cut operating losses and increase revenue after the company became independent from AT&T. Phase one of the program involved five principles tied to operational performance:...

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Continuous Improvement: The Key to Future Success

by Rich, Ann B.

Business excellence is built on focused strategies and aligned initiatives. For Texas Instruments Defense Systems & Electronics (DS&E), the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria provide the foundation. After winning the Award in 1992, DS&E...

Mitsubishi Seeks to Create a Model U.S. Workplace

by Martin, Lynn

Change in the work environment at the Normal, IL site of Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America Inc. (MMMA) is being structured by 34 recommendations from former U.S. Labor Secretary Lynn Martin and her task force. The Martin analysis grew out of...

Insights Into Improving Organizational Performance

by Roland, Christopher; Cronin, Kate; Guberman, Candace; Morgan, Rose

The continuous quality improvement (CQI) implementation at Cheshire Medical Center has produced its share of lessons learned. It is important for senior and middle management to buy into and lead the initiative. They can communicate by displaying...

The Bossless Performance Review

by Fitzsimmons, Charles F.

Evaluations of professionals provide feedback from their customers. In the Baltimore, MD archdiocese a performance assessment of clerics included a survey distributed to the congregation and staff of each individual under review. The survey's 51 items...

Are You a Right-Brain or Left-Brain Thinker?

by Dew, John R.

Quality professionals should be open to various styles of thinking. Right-brain thinkers tend to be analytical, logical, rational, and sequential, while left-brain thinkers are more likely to use interrelationships, intuition, and synthesis....

Power in Organizations: A Look Through the TQM Lens

by Carson, Paula Phillips; Carson, Kerry D.; Knight, E. Leon, Jr.; Roe, C. William

Successful relationships between empowered employees and their supervisors depend on judicious use of organizational social powers. These powers can help elicit commitment from employees in the TQM (total quality management) environment. The three...

This Couldn't Happen in My Back Yard!

by Spiring, Fred A.

Quality practitioners should have interdisciplinary training in engineering, management, and statistics, but few colleges and universities in North America provide such cooperative programs. A case study demonstrates the failings of those who do not...

But It Takes Too Long . . .

by Early, John F.; Godfrey, A. Blanton

Quality improvement projects can consume too much time. The Juran Institute studied twenty projects of 10 clients in 5 industries. The average project took 68.1 weeks; 62.8% of that time could have been eliminated. Inadequate management preparation...

Total Quality in K-12 Education

by Smialek, Mary Ann

Transformational change in U.S. schools is necessary for continuous improvement. A TQM (total management quality) culture in K-12 education requires a new organizational structure in which everyone is responsible for quality. In such an environment,...

The ASQC Fellows Project

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is a valuable tool, though it should be used carefully. A January, 1995 roundtable discussion among six ASQC (American Society for Quality Control) fellows focused on the ACSI. Uses of ACSI include:...

Visioning: The Concept, Trilogy, and Process

by Latham, John R.

An organization's members need a vivid image of perfection. Resources for this vision include the visioning concept, vision trilogy, and visioning process. The visioning concept empowers organization members to strive for tomorrow's goals. The vision...

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