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Keep It Simple

by Dalal, Adil F.

In his book, My Life and Work, Henry Ford laid out the basics of the lean system. But, if he and others have been able to use elements of lean successfully, why does it seem so many lean and lean Six Sigma initiatives fail?...

Window of Opportunity

by Chadha, Rajeev; Kalra, Jay

By employing lean Six Sigma, a supplier for one of the Big Three automakers met its goals and developed technology that is projected to be applicable to any and every automobile—from two-door coupes to full-size vans—within five years....

Online Figures Jing

by Jing, Gary G.

QP 2 Pure bonding / online Figure 5 Part one Part one Part two Part two Left distance Right distance Step one Step two Heat DMAIC Mind- set / online Figure 4 30- 50 10- 15 4- 8 KPIVs 8- 10 KPIVs Critical KPIVs 3- 6 Key leverage KPIVs Inputs variables Mea...

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Lean Lessons: Lean Kaizen in the 21st Century

by Alukal, George

Adapted from a chapter of Lean Kaizen, the author offers key takeaways from the Toyota Production System (TPS). He describes how the kaizen method is the foundation of the The Toyota Way and how it emphasizes efficiency, problem solving and...

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Lean Lessons: Building Blocks

by Alukal, George

Is your organization wasting its valuable resources? Waste can directly impact your organization’s costs, quality and delivery, and may lead to excess inventory, unnecessary movement, unintentional waiting time, untapped......

After Six Sigma - What's Next?

by Bisgaard, Soren; De Mast, Jeroen

A systematic scientific approach is fundamental to dealing with problems of variability that cause costly defects and quality problems. This idea has remained the foundation of numerous incarnations of quality management and is the basis of the current...

Quality Pros Break Through the Healthcare Barrier

by Vnuk, Dan

Many quality professionals have been denied access to quality jobs in the healthcare sector because they lack medical backgrounds. One exception is Wisconsin's Marshfield Clinic, which has established a central department dedicated to helping the clinic...

Lean Glossary

by Rooney, Steven A.; Rooney, James J.

A glossary defines terms commonly associated with lean...

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No se Equivoque

by Smith III, Edwin B.

Las herramientas de inspeccion del error proporcionan a un bajo costo, la prevencion eficaz del defecto y la regeneracion del operador. Pueden prevenir errores de fabricacion o incurrir en equivocaciones obvias en un vistazo....

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Match the Change Vehicle and Method to the Job

by Harvey, Jean

Processes are at the core of continuous improvement, and improvement happens when a process is changed in one way or another....

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Lean and Six Sigma -- A One-Two Punch

by Smith, Bonnie

To keep profits growing in these days of flat revenues, manufacturers are paying more attention to the advice of Poor Richard (a.k.a. Benjamin Franklin): A penny saved is a penny earned....

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Create a Lean, Mean Machine

by Alukal, George

"Lean" has been defined as a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement. Lean focuses on value added flow of resources from the customer’s point of view. To compete in today’s economy a company must...

The Status Quo's Failure in Problem Solving

by Palady, Paul; Olyai, Nikki

In their quest to create and implement the newest initiatives, organizational leaders frequently fail to notice that simple changes in the existing system can ensure the success of future efforts. Problem solving is a critical link shared by all quality...

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Quality Glossary

A handy reference is provided of quality terms, acronyms, and key people in the history of quality. Information is derived from a variety of sources and compiled by the editorial staff of the American Society for...

Expect the Unexpected

by Kissinger, Bruce; Foster, S. Thomas Jr.

The Idaho State Department of Water Resources (IDWR), whose mission is to provide oversight for the management of water within the state of Idaho, recently converted its Cobol based ADABAS database system to an structured query language (SQL) server...

Learning From Mistakes

by Lathin, Drew; Mitchell, Ron

As U.S. companies strive to compete globally, they face increasingly rigorous quality standards that are difficult to meet, even for the most able companies. As a result, more firms are seeking to implement the lean production system developed at the...

Resolving The Process Paradox: A strategy for launching meaningful process improvement

by Gardner, Robert A.

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is critical to business strategy. To improve its value creating abilities, organizations must continuously improve their value creating processes. Before implementing process improvement, organizations should...

Fit and Flow of Quality

by Bell, Timothy; Becker, Timothy

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a process that uses powerful tools offering a way to resolve problems before they affect customers. If the process is not approached in an appropriate manner, however, its result may be less than positive. The...

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Integrating ISO 9001:2000 and the Baldrige Criteria

by Tonk, Hampton Scott

No single quality system, criterion, or philosophy will provide the solution to an organization's quality problems. A sound quality program can be implemented by an organization using ISO 9001:2000, the Baldrige Award and its criteria, and total...

Continuous Process Improvement When It Counts Most

by Czarnecki, Hank; Schroer, Bernard J.; Adams, Mel; Spann, Mary S.

Managers are challenged to address the radical changes that have occurred in the manufacturing industry in the past two decades. Managers often use continuous process improvement and computer simulations to help them reduce waste, improve quality,...

The Evolution of a QC Guy

by Cremer, Christopher, J.

This story demonstrates how quality professionals and the profession itself must participate in change and improvement. By listening to and fulfilling the changing needs of his organization, this professional evolves from quality control technician to...

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