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Will to Live

by Csikos, Brian

How one quality professional confronted a life-threatening diagnosis....

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One Good Idea: Standard of Living

by Ricker, David

Look to your life for ISO 9001 lessons....

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Career Corner: In Shape for Quality

by Conklin, Joseph D.

I first met A.H. when my personal growth shifted to a more horizontal direction. He has since gone solo, working as a self-employed personal trainer. When I learned he had gone solo, I wondered if his perspective on managing for quality had changed....

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Quality Around the Clock

by QP Staff

It’s in your DNA. It’s how your mind works. It’s what you do. It’s who you are. When you work in quality, you see things differently. You approach problems and scenarios in certain ways. It happens after you’ve signed off....

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Time Management Using Quality Tools

by Courtney, Patrick M.

Quality tools are useful in personal life. The Six Sigma concept of process improvement, specifically the DMAIC tools, has been moved from product to process, and is now applicable for personal performance improvement. Random time checklists, frequency...

Quality Attitudes Start in Childhood

by Dedhia, Navin S.

My beliefs and behavior have had four major influences: my parents' teachings, stringent requirements during elementary and middle school years, the basic principles of my religion and IBM's corporate culture....

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Try Some Introspection

by Whitacre, Teresa

Don't just look for a job that fits what you have always been doing - especially if you are frustrated in your search for a job in the same field or particular geographic area....

Create a Better Life With Quality Tools

by Sergesketter, Bernard F.

The same quality principles needed for business success may be applied on an individual basis to improve both professional and personal lives. For the process to succeed, standards must be identified, set and measured....

Quality in the First Person

by Allan, Jonathan; McNary, Lisa D.; Moser, Pete; Zilbershtein, Doron

Four quality professionals discuss how they used quality principles and tools to improve their personal lives. In Control Charts and Your Real Hourly Wage, Jonathan...

The Legacy of Ishikawa

by Watson, Greg

Kaoru Ishikawa was a prime mover of quality in Japan who believed in quality through leadership. His six quality concepts form the basis for a holistic approach that is the unique Japanese approach to quality improvement. Ishikawa’s focus on...

Champions of Quality: The New Breed

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie

Joseph M. Juran notes that champions, or sponsors, leading specific improvement projects taken on by quality councils provide project teams direct access to a high level in the organization's hierarchy. Six Sigma has its own version of a Champion,...

Implementing the Six Sigma Solution

by Blakeslee, Jerome A., Jr.

Six sigma initiatives rely on quantitative, root-cause analyses and the comparison of customer requirements to business performance. Any business can use this method to solve its process problems. To do so, it must have good information about its...

Attitude Adjustments

by Kaye, Steve

For effective communications, listen to and assist the speaker; make adjustments in your focus; and know how to handle communications technology. To listen well, you should let each communication be a valuable opportunity; listen to words and also to...

A Personal Quality Improvement Program for Golfers

by Karlin, Ernest W.; Hanewinckel, Ernie

For long-term quality improvement, golfers must be committed to: acknowledging the need to improve; having a zero tolerance for errors; and using the coaching assistance of a golf teaching professional. Then they can apply a five-step quality...

Improving the Quality of Family Life

by Cook, Laura L.; Cook, Jack S.

Quality principles and tools have helped the parents and children in this family. Even though families differ from business organizations in how individuals become members and in the nature of leadership, many quality concepts are applicable to both...

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What Should Higher Education Be Teaching About Quality?

by Evans, James R.

Customer-supplier relationships, continuous process improvement, interpersonal skills, and teamwork are keys for those who plan to work in quality organizations. These are among the survey findings from seven 1988-1994 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality...

How to Become a Quality Person

by Cary, Mark S.

You are your own primary customer. Your personal improvement is the most important factor in kaizen or continuous improvement. A five-step plan for personal improvement is based on the plan-do-check-act cycle. First, identify what is important. Do...

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