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Salary Survey 2015: Part 1, Section 12: Salary by Industry

by Hansen, Max Christian

Other products 10.4 87,057 8.4 87,597 Paper and related products 1 84,455 1.5 64,150 Primary metals 1 83,530 0.3 120,000 Rubber and plastic products 3.3 76,060 4.3 83,120 Toys, sporting goods, pens, jewelry and miscellaneous products 0.3 96,886 0.3 73,00...

Salary Survey 2015: Part 1, Section 2: Salary by U.S. Regions and Canadian Provinces

by Hansen, Max Christian

QP 33 QP SALARY SURVEY 2 0 1 5 Percentage of respondents and cost of living by state and territory / FIGURE 3 Alaska 0.1% 137 Washington 1.7% 104.1 Oregon 1.1% 128.5 California 9.3% 138.2 Nevada 0.3% 105.4 Idaho 0.3% 88.2 Montana 0% 102.1 Wyoming 0.1% 92...

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Quality in the First Person: Pursuit of Happiness

by Chowdhary, Rai

Inspired by the plan-do-check-act cycle and define, measure, analyze, improve and control, this author developed a method that uses quality tools to help lead a more fulfilled life....

Like Abilities

by Liu, Shu

Beyond providing quality products and services, organizations must gain trust by engaging customers on social media and cultivating trust agents. An organization can no longer ignore customer complaints because customers are just one Google search away fr...

Salary Survey 2014: Part 1, Section 12. Salary by Industry

by Hansen, Max Christian

Do you work for an organization that makes physical objects or one that provides services? If it’s a service organization, the QP Salary Survey shows that you probably make more money....

Innovation Imperative: Pillars of Progress

by Merrill, Peter

A look at how global competitiveness relates to quality and innovation....

The System Is the Solution

by Schultz, John R.

Organizations function as systems—collections of interdependent processes, events and resources. Failure to embrace systems thinking can cause serious consequences for an organization....

Expert Answers: October 2014

by Rico, David F.; Aston, Bill

Cost of quality of agile methods ... Employee qualification audits...

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Blog Boom

by Calfa, Jimena; Graban, Mark; Hunter, John; Stepniowski, Jennifer J.; and Zrymiak, Daniel

Back in the late 1990s—well before 140-character Tweets, before Facebook posts and before LinkedIn discussions—there was the blog. Register at any number of blogging sites and you could set up your own personal or professional website....

Insurance Policy

by Minckler, William

Using a quality-centric approach, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in 2012 embarked on an initiative to create an enterprise content management system to manage, safeguard and accelerate the use of key informational assets....

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Will to Live

by Csikos, Brian

How one quality professional confronted a life-threatening diagnosis....

3.4 per Million: The ‘Initiative’ Olympic Games

by Carnell, Mike

It seems that the business world has experienced a fairly rapid transition in focus to “innovation” as the next initiative or the next big thing. Meanwhile, leadership teams wander the vast Serengeti Plain of performance improvement....

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Breaking Down Barriers

by Liu, Shu

To leverage the benefits and prepare for the challenges big data present, quality professionals must change their mindset, get more data, upgrade their skills and expand their roles in the big data universe....

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Fresh Perspective

by Radziwill, Nicole M.; Owens, Tracy;

The relationships among technology, innovation and quality are based on creating new value and sustaining the ability to continue creating it. Leveraging these relationships can help in releasing your creative spirit....

2013 Salary Survey: Part 1, Section 12. Salary by Industry

by Hansen, Max Christian

Year after year, respondents from North America are more likely to work in the manufacturing sector than the service sector. But, also perennially, the workers in service industries bring home, on average, bigger paychecks....

So Many Variables, So Few Observations

by Seaman, Julia E.; Seaman, Christopher A.; Allen, I. Elaine

Colapsing variables in a factor analysis can have dangerous implications, and it also can be difficult to interpret the resulting factors. But what if you have no choice?...

Online Figures - Ramsay

by Ramsay, Owen

Year Verct( dys) # Rpts FinRpts InvTech #_ Staff 2003 296 31 13 1.00 216 2004 829 24 11 2.24 190 2005 309 22 12 1.65 210 2006 222 22 9 2.35 225 2007 171 17 5 3.58 247 Verct( dys) = verification of claims cycle time # rpts = number of reports for the boar...

Salary Survey 2012: Part 1, Section 12: Salary by Industry

by Hansen, Max Christian

Transportation and aerospace products 12.8 80,965 24.7 79,706 other products 5.3 78,625 4.7 78,111 Service sector 28.5% $ 90,449 42.8 $ 93,453 Construction services 5.4 90,114 7.0% 85,600 Consulting and other professional, scientific and technical servic...

Blaze Your Own Trail

by Hutchings, Richard

We used to put our careers into the hands of our organizations. If we worked diligently enough, they might reward our efforts with a series of promotions. This template for career advancement was a clean 45-degree line....

Quality for Tomorrow

by Merrill, Peter

The work of the quality profession has evolved over the years from quality control to quality assurance to quality management. But what is the next stage of evolution from quality management?...

Innovation Imperative: Unplugged

by Merrill, Peter

Many people think technology drives innovation. In fact, the opposite is true....

Salary Survey 2011: Part 1, Section 12: Salary by Industry

by Hansen, Max Christian

Nonelectronic measuring, analyzing and controlling instruments ( NAICS code 339): Balances, blood testing apparatus, Bunsen burners, centrifuges, distilling apparatus, laboratory incubators, SPonSoreD by Salary by industrial classification / Table 1 Unit...

Up Front: Young Love

by Sanders, Seiche

We don't always come right out and say it, but the editors here at QP get pretty excited about the articles we publish. We have a sense of what articles you'll enjoy, and polishing them up to give to you is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job......

Pushback Prevention

by Schultz, John R.

“Our quality program doesn’t seem to be working.” This statement, or a similar one, is frequently repeated by executives and managers who believe quality-focused projects are not meeting expectations. Such perceptions are often reinforced by published...

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Getting on Track

by Bowers, Dorothy P.; West, John E. “Jack”

ISO 26000 is here. Are you ready? Maybe the better question is: Do you care? You should. ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility has been touted as the new standard that can help manage social responsibility issues at your organization....

If You Build It, They Will Come

by Levett, James M.; Andringa, Dale J.; Roberts, Peter W.

After decades of rising healthcare costs and individual stakeholder initiatives to cut expenses, annual medical cost trends continue to outpace all other employer economic indicators. The current economic crisis and federal healthcare reform discussions...

3.4 per Million: Integrating Inputs

by Breyfogle, Forrest W. III

Obtaining voice of the customer information is always important because a business’s survival depends on a person choosing its products over a competitor’s products....

Salary Survey 2010: Part 1, Sect. 12: Salary by Industry

by Hansen, Max Christian

Salary by industrial classification / Table 1 United States Canada Percentage Average salary Percentage Average salary Manufacturing sector 69.5% $ 82,909 66.9% $ 72,726 Chemicals and related products 8.8 90,106 7.9 87,847 Computers and electronic produc...

Salary Survey 2010: Part 1, Section 4: Salary by ASQ and RABQSA International Certification

by Hansen, Max Christian

For four straight years, the number of survey respondents not holding any ASQ certifications has fallen. This year, 59.1% of respondents reported that they have one or more ASQ certifications, and 24.9% said they hold two or more certifications....

Salary Survey 2010: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

experience by gender / FIGURE 2 More than 20 years 10.1- 20 years 6.1- 10 years 3.1- 6 years $ 6,000 Male Years of experience in quality profession Years of experience in quality profession Female $ 4,000 $ 2,000 0 $ 2,000 $ 4,000 $ 6,000 1- 3 years Less...

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Career Corner: Right, Wrong, Good, Bad or Indifferent?

by Kulisek, Diane G.

Although the new guidance standard for social responsibility (SR), ISO 26000, will be a completely voluntary guidance standard—not a certification standard1—how best to implement and sustain the organizational behaviors it will prescribe deserves...

Social Graces

by Burdick, Babette

Social networking is old hat by now, and most people dabble in it or participate with little impact. But social networking is an important means of branding yourself, your skill set and your company’s capabilities, products and services....

Salary Survey 2009: Part 1, Section 12: Salary by Industry

by QP Staff

Although most of the surveyed quality professionals work in the manufacturing sector, the service sector is where the money is. In the U.S., 71.7% work in the manufacturing sector and earn about $7,504 less than counterparts in the service sector....

Salary Survey 2009: Part 1, Section 18: Salary by RABQSA International Certification

by QP Staff

In all, 13.3% of the surveyed quality professionals have at least one RABQSA International certification. Respondents held 31 of the 37 certifications listed in the salary survey....

Salary Survey 2009: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

52 section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. exempt Status Online section 8 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position Online section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field Onli...

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Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

by Scriabina, Natalia; Smith Fullerton, Romayne; Brinkley, Joel; Kierans, Kim

Journalists are experts in managing conversational flow and encouraging people to open up and provide vital information. Their techniques can serve auditors well as they navigate the frustrating quagmire of audit and assessment interviews....

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Career Corner: Out of Quality, Out of Business

by Kulisek, Diane

Being lean used to be associated with poverty and starvation. Today, being lean refers to profitability and fitness, especially in business. Cutting corporate fat, or non-essentials, has become as important for organizational health as slimming down is...

New Frontiers

by Kenett, Ron; Salini, Silvia

Self-declared or interview-based surveys are a prime research tool in many application areas, such as risk management, customer satisfaction tracking and social science research....

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Perspectives: Adapting to Troubled Times

by Nichols, Michael D.; Houry, Karim

Quality personnel should recognize the economic climate as an opportunity to demonstrate the impact quality can have. It’s up to them to adapt their skills, techniques, tools and leadership styles to help their companies navigate the troubled waters....

Salary Survey 2008: Part 1, Section 12: Salary by Industry

by QP Staff

U.S. and Canadian survey respondents are a lot alike when it comes to the industries in which they work....

Salary Survey 2008: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

51 Section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online Section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. Exempt Status Online Section 8 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position Online Section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field Onli...

Statistics Roundtable: The Pros of Proactive Product Servicing

by Doganaksoy, Necip; Hahn, Gerald J.; Meeker, William Q.

Just like athletes can experience an injury that takes them out of a game, systems can experience component failures that require downtime and repair....

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On the Same Page

by Chircop, Jeanne Nickerson

Memorial Hermann’s first priority has always been to deliver quality healthcare (see sidebar, "About Memorial Hermann"). Every hospital in the Memorial Hermann system also has developed self-directed Medicare action plans. For hospital systems like Memori...

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What's Up?

by Sanders, Seiche

Study participants outlined the forces, four scenarios in which they might play out, and the implications to quality, organizations and the profession. Study participants were asked to envision the implications of the key forces and scenarios for quality ...

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Online Sidebars Sanders

by Sanders, Seiche

Increasing movement from quality of product to quality of management and the organization. The systems approaches the quality profession has evolved through ISO 9000 and other management system standards will be valued by organizations looking to bring qu...

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Futures Study

by QP Staff

Forces of Change From All ASQ Futures Studies Table 1 1996 1999 2002 2005 2008 Changing values Partnering Quality must deliver bottom- line results Globalization Globalization Globalization Learning systems Management systems will increasingly absorb the...

Expert Answers: August 2008

by QP Staff

Flushing out flatness ... Corrective vs. preventive actions....

Map Quest

by Cox, Tracy

Raytheon Six Sigma is a proprietary six-step process that Raytheon Co., a defense and aerospace systems supplier, has embedded into its culture. It was developed by an internal team that was guided by the company’s top leadership....

Standards Outlook: Hazardous to Your Health

by Reid, R. Dan

One hospital chain in my area has a snappy ad saying your selection of a hospital could be the most important choice you will ever make. This might be true—going into the hospital these days can be hazardous to your health....

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Sharp HealthCare Gets to the Point in Managing Diabetes

by Daniels, Susan E.

With literature from the last five years demonstrating that poor control of blood sugar in acute healthcare settings equates to negative outcomes in diabetics, Sharp HealthCare in San Diego decided to control it everywhere....

Salary Survey-Regular Employee and Self-Employed Consultants Results

by QP Staff

45 Section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online Section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. Exempt Status Online Section 8 Salary by Number of Years of Quality Experience and Highest Level of Education Online Section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Posit...

Part 1 Section 12 Salary by Industry

by QP Staff

Transportation and aerospace products 13.7 77,999 19.1 68,500 Other products 4.2 76,782 5.9 78,104 Service sector Construction services 1.0 $ 82,756 0.9 $ 107,375 Consulting and other professional, scientific and technical services 6.4 94,405 8.0 77,166 ...

Nanotechnology: A Big Little Frontier for Quality

by Harriett Black Nembhard

Nanotechnology is a field of applied science that deals with arranging particles...

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Quality Goes to College

by Dew, John

Higher education is seeing increased interest in quality management methods in response to the federal government's recommendation that they embrace the culture of continuous innovation and quality improvement. An overview is given of the types of...

Building Task Cohesion to Bring Teams Together

by Knouse, Stephen B.

Traditional, homogeneous teams made up of members of the same gender, race, and age tend to be more cohesive and more successful and effective in problem solving, but such sameness can produce bland and predictable solutions. On the other hand, a team...

Salary Survey – 2006

by ASQ

Regular Employee - Section 12. Salary by Industry

Transportation and aerospace products 14.6 73,759 20.6 68,287 Other products 4.0 74,926 5.2 65,466 Service sector Construction services 0.8% $ 84,698 0.7% $ 93,375 Consulting and other professional, scientific and technical services 6.7 86,784 7.5 85,001...

Salary Survey – 2006

by Edmund, Mark

Full Survey

44 Section 6. Salary by Number of Work Hours Online Section 7. Salary by Nonexempt vs. Exempt Status Online Section 8. Salary by Number of Years' Quality Experience and Highest Level of Education Online Section 9. Salary by Number of Years in Current Pos...

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Linking the Supply Chain to TQM

by Matthews, Charles R.

In today's environment of global outsourcing, supplier quality management must transform itself from simply measuring supplier compliance to gathering knowledge, managing risk, and executing project management. Total quality management (TQM) ensures...

Challenges in RFID Enabled Supply Chain Management

by RFID study group at Pennsylvania State University

Supply chain management is the fastest growing application of radio frequency identification devices (RFID), but few organizations are equipped to deal with the accompanying flood of information. Most definitions of RFID emphasize the technological...

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Empowering Employees to Pull the Quality Trigger

by Miscikowski, Douglas K.; Stein, Eric W.

The successful implementation of a quality management system calls for a shift in decision making from quality managers to shop floor operators empowered to initiate a corrective action in the event of a quality event. While the widespread use of data...

Core Roles in a Strategic Quality System

by Imler, Ken

When establishing and maintaining a strategically viable quality system, senior management defines the roles played by groups, departments, or functions within the organization using risk/benefit analysis to determine the best fit in terms of logistics,...

Detect Financial Problems With Six Sigma

by Senturk, Deniz; LaComb, Christina; Neadu, Radu; Doganaksoy, Murat

An organization's financial decline is often impossible to detect from the few financial measures investors or creditors typically examine. While the Sarbanes-Oxley Act should help improve the quality of data available to the public, it has drawbacks...

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Rapid Knowledge Transfer: The Key to Success

by English, Michael J.; Baker, William H. Jr.

Rapid knowledge transfer (RKT) involves the discovery, learning, creation, and reuse of knowledge that becomes intellectual capital that can be converted into value and profits. The concepts of RKT are applicable to quality management because its four...

Link Satisfaction To Market Share and Profitability

by Allen, Derek

Organizations seeking to link customer satisfaction data to profitability can choose from a variety of business outcome measures. However, the level of customer interaction varies among industries, making it difficult to link customer satisfaction to...

Good News - If You're Ready

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie

Futuring is a structured look ahead aimed at enhancing anticipatory skills. ASQ's most recent futures study, conducted in 2005, identified six key forces of change: globalization, innovation, outsourcing, consumer sophistication, value creation, and...

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Corral Your Organization's Knowledge

by Okes, Duke

One useful method of determining organizational performance is to assess how well it manages critical knowledge. Definitions of knowledge management may vary, but they generally fit into one of four categories: Information technology, organizational...

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Seduce Them With Success

by Arthur, Jay

The first commandment of Six Sigma quality is that you must get top management commitment in order to succeed. The truth is that half the firms that have taken that path have failed. Six Sigma's strength is in resolving linear cause-effects, but culture...

Soccer Team Scores Its Goals With ISO 9001

by Tolumes, Alejandro

Like other members of the Grupo Salinas (GS) family of companies, the Mexican soccer team Monarcas Morelia must create value. GS relies on a quality management system and ISO 9001 registration to compel managers to seek continuous improvement and...

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Take Center Stage

by Brong, Jerry

Here you are standing in the corner - the career corner. You see people involved in interesting activities, exchanging ideas and freely moving about....

E-Learning: The Future of Quality Training

by Burns, Tony

E-learning, an extension of multimedia technology, provides quality managers with an effective means of gaining the commitment and involvement of employees. Unlike other media forms, e-learning offers interactivity that transforms passive audiences into...

The Importance of Building Social Capital

by McGrath, Roger Jr.; Sparks, William L.

Maintaining the integrity of the supply chain is critical in times of economic instability. An investment in social capital among organizations within the supply chain is mutually beneficial. The affinity group provides a strategy for developing...

Quality in the First Person

by Allan, Jonathan; McNary, Lisa D.; Moser, Pete; Zilbershtein, Doron

Four quality professionals discuss how they used quality principles and tools to improve their personal lives. In Control Charts and Your Real Hourly Wage, Jonathan...

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100 Years of Juran

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie, Editor

An interview with Joseph M. Juran reveals an inspirational story of his struggle to overcome the challenges of emigration, childhood poverty, and the Great Depression to become one of quality’s leading gurus....

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Making Stakeholders a Strategic Asset

by Conti, Tito

Employees and business partners have an important role to play in organizational improvement. Quality models indicate that managing stakeholders to enhance their value generation capability can be a winning strategy....

Turn Your Customers Into Interns

by Will, Scott; Rivera, Ted

You may have been here before: You just signed a contract to have a house built. You’re excited at the prospect and can’t wait to move in. Obviously, with the contract just signed, your move in date is far off....

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The Message Is Clear

by Hopen, Deborah

This abstract is based on the ]In 2002, the CGISS division of Motorola won the Baldrige award in the manufacturing category. Through strict process improvement measures, the division was able to increase its direct customer loyalty, customer...

Widespread Effects of Defects

by Howles, Trudy

While other industries are embracing quality initiatives and striving for continuous improvement, the software industry is lagging far behind. Examples of unimaginable schedule slips, cost overruns and defective software products abound....

Lean and Six Sigma – Synergy Made in Heaven

by Bossert, James

The combination of Six Sigma and lean enterprise work can enhance the production experience. Workers have the empowerment and skill to recognize a problem and, if it cannot be resolved, shut down the line to eliminate the root cause. Six Sigma and lean...

ISO 9000 Makes Integrated Systems User Friendly

by Shipley, David

Organizations need management systems that are based on processes or activities that help personnel understand what is essential to achieving continual improvement on a consistent basis....

Systems Thinking – An Uncommon Answer

by Prevette, Steven S.

Some of the common problems to be found in many business failures include too much focus on short-term gains, too much focus on quarterly profit statements, and a prevalence of long-term losses. One possible solution to these problems is systems...

QOS – A Simple Method for Big or Small

by Keller, Carl W.

Although there are many quality initiatives in the marketplace, many of them involve a degree of hype. Ford Motor Company’s quality operating system (QOS) is recommended as one offering the most value for the money. A QOS assessment looks at...

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An Integrated Approach System

by Kubiak, Tom

What’s the best quality system? How would you answer this question? How would your colleagues?...

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Baldrige: It's Easy, Free and It Works

by Crownover, Dale

While many people consider the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria to be difficult, a harder task is learning how to manage opportunities for improvements instead of managing known strengths. While Baldrige may not have the answers, it...

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Complexity Theory Simplifies Choices

by Okes, Duke

Many business management and improvement methodologies provide finite structures for achieving success. Examples include the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award; the ISO 9001 standard; W. Edward Deming, who provided 14 points; and Six Sigma....

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Quality Management Multiple Choice: What’s the best quality system?

by Shipley, David; Keller, Carl W.; Bossert, James; Prevette, Steven S.; Okes, Duke; Crownover, Dale; Kubiak, Tom

Monitoring and recording the extent of transition experienced within a designated area assure Procedure ( general) Priority Reviewed Completed Record control Document control Internal audits Management review Corrective action Preventive action Monitorin...

ASQ's World Partners

by Johnson, Kristen

One of ASQ's objectives is to become a global advocate for excellence and a provider of information and learning opportunities about quality. Having decided to take a more active role in collaborating with existing national quality associations, ASQ is...

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The Loyalty Elephant

by Hoisington, Steve; Naumann, Earl

There is an old parable about a group of blind men describing an elephant. Lacking vision, they must use their sense of touch to understand what an elephant looks like. Recent articles about the differences between customer satisfaction, customer value...

Column: Statistics Roundtable: Another Data Mining Tool

by Mason, Robert L.; Young, John C.

In this column, we introduce the use of a Hotelling's T2 statistic as a data mining tool for large and small data sets composed of many variables. We will show how the T2 statistic, based on a single p-dimensional observation vector (x1, x2, ..., xp),...

Column: World View: European Statistics Network Grows Rapidly

by Bisgaard, Søren; Does, Ronald; Stewardson, Dave

Aims to increase understanding, idea exchange, networking and professional development

ENBIS now has more than 500 members from 25 countries across the entire European continent plus nine non-European countries, including nine members from the United States, seven from Israel and one from Canada. Most members are...

The Changing Role of Quality Professionals

by Spichiger, Jim

In the spring of 2002 a survey ASQ Fellow Members was conducted asking opinions and comments on the changing role of the quality professional. A brief compilation of survey results is presented, along with some predictions of expected directions...

An Integrated Operations Performance Metric

by Reid, Richard A.

A case study demonstrates that a firm can improve customer satisfaction and increase its market share by initiating both quality and productivity improvements. The firm manufactures gift shop items in a major metropolitan area in the Southwest and...

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A Quality Major

by Sinn, John W.

The doctorate in technology management program offered by the School of Technology at Indiana State University is unique because it is a consortium of seven universities, with ISU being the degree issuing institution. The program provides...

Column: World View: Hungary Adopts Quality Tools For Public Education

by Molnár-Stadler, Katalin

National government funds consultants, provides training and monitoring

The future position and role of Hungary in the new, continuously enlarging European community will depend to a significant degree on the quality of education in the former Soviet bloc country. Both the Hungarian Parliament and...

Column: Emerging Sectors: Measuring Quality In the Department of Defense

by Dugan, Michael W.

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) is the accounting arm of the DoD. The deputy secretary of defense directed the consolidation of the finance and accounting operations of the various military departments and...

Column: Career Corner: Six Lessons Can Steer Your Career Path

by Whitacre, Teresa

Flying lessons and quality principles : Lessons from a pilot's career include:Make keeping your skills current your constant vigil.Know your aircraft (your product--yourself).Assess your strengths and weaknesses.Keep your wheels chocked to the ground...

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Six lessons can steer your career path.

by Whitacre, Teresa

Flying lessons and quality principles

The sky is the limit for competent quality professionals who keep themselves properly grounded and fly a straight path. TERESA WHITACRE is a quality systems manager for CTP Carrera in Latrobe, PA, and principal of Marketech Systems. Whitacre holds a bache...

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The International Quality Manager

by Kenett, Ron S.; Albert, David

Competitive organizations seeking to implement Six Sigma or any other quality system need to translate quality concepts into the context of the organizational culture. The effort is substantial, particularly if the organization is multinational....

How To Make Surveys Simpler and More Focused

by Vinson, Larry R.

ISO 9000:20000 quality management standards stress the need for better customer communication. While the customer satisfaction survey is a useful tool to facilitate improvement in customer communication, its complexities often limit use in actual...

Excellence in Our Communities

by Kennedy, Bob; Murphy, Eamonn

While manufacturing and large organizations have long made use of models and standards of quality excellence, it is shown in this article that a community can also benefit from using these techniques. The authors propose a five-module excellence model...

Quality Tools Largely Absent From Nation's Newsrooms

by Maguire, Miles

In 1990 Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., soon to become the publisher of the New York Times, set out to remake the newspaper based on the philosophy of W. Edwards Deming. Senior editors rejected Deming's approach, however, and a decade later it's clear his...

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