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Career Corner: Truth Detective

by Christopher, Rosemarie; Dionne, Paul

Learn how to investigate prospective employers and avoid working for duds, and why employers must consider their reputations as part of employee recruitment and retention....

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Career Corner: Leverage LinkedIn

by Conklin, Joseph D.

When the author started noticing email messages from LinkedIn about requests to connect and endorse. He set up a basic profile and scanned the LinkedIn website, and discovered a digital wilderness that is easy to get lost in....

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Career Corner: Making the Jump

by ReVelle, Jack

Should you quit your day job and become a consultant?...

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Blog Boom

by Calfa, Jimena; Graban, Mark; Hunter, John; Stepniowski, Jennifer J.; and Zrymiak, Daniel

Back in the late 1990s—well before 140-character Tweets, before Facebook posts and before LinkedIn discussions—there was the blog. Register at any number of blogging sites and you could set up your own personal or professional website....

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Making Connections

by Brown, Marshall

Whether you’re searching for a job or not, building a network of professional connections is important for career development....

July 2014 Standards Outlook - Online Figure

by Cressionnie, L.L. "Buddy"

Reject SMS will be covered by sub- team X 323 EAQG Title Title is more biased towards Aerospace than inclusive of Defense Amend wording from Aerospace Standard to Defense Standard Inclusive of all sectors Reject X 187 AAQG Foreword verbiage confusing ( n...

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Quality in the First Person: Pay It Forward

by Ramu, Govind

Helping professionals on their ASQ certification journeys and improving their careers gives this ASQ member a sense of fulfillment....

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Career Corner: Putting Pen to Paper

by Conklin, Joseph D.

Task management tips for the digitally unhip....

The Brand Named You

by Breitbarth, Wayne

An all-expense paid week in Cancun, Mexico. An extravagant home entertainment system. Professional sports team season tickets. And, of course, a gold watch. These are all expensive luxuries, but what do they have in common?...

Blaze Your Own Trail

by Hutchings, Richard

We used to put our careers into the hands of our organizations. If we worked diligently enough, they might reward our efforts with a series of promotions. This template for career advancement was a clean 45-degree line....

Valuable Resource

by Zimmerman, Andrea

Talent development is addressed in three key components of sustainability management systems: international standards, social responsibility (SR) reporting and performance excellence frameworks....

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Career Corner: Add Risk to Your Job Title

by Hutchins, Greg

Add risk to your job title if you’re a quality professional or a senior quality manager. This will enhance your marketability if you’re looking for a job and your chances for promotion if you’re employed....

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LinkedIn or Lose Out

by Breitbarth, Wayne

WHICH OF THESE statements applies to your current situation? •I am tired of people asking me to join their LinkedIn network. • I have no idea what to do after I connect with someone....

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Happiness Helps

by Becker, Tom

Boredom and discontent in the workplace are serious business performance issues. In a recent international study of organizational effectiveness, two-thirds of the 28,000 respondents said they were less than fully engaged by their work and organization....

Expert Answers: June 2010

by QP Staff

Changing industries ... Organizing your quality department....

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Career Corner: Right, Wrong, Good, Bad or Indifferent?

by Kulisek, Diane G.

Although the new guidance standard for social responsibility (SR), ISO 26000, will be a completely voluntary guidance standard—not a certification standard1—how best to implement and sustain the organizational behaviors it will prescribe deserves...

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Career Climb

by Kulisek, Diane G.; Whitacre, Teresa; Westcott, Russell T.; Lindborg, Hank; Hutchins, Greg

You don’t need to be jobless in today’s economy to feel stressed and apprehensive about your current situation. You don’t need to be reminded there aren’t any guarantees in today’s world....

Acquiring Assets

by Kirscht, Ron

Manufacturers face a growing threat to quality and productivity. The coming wave of baby boomer retirements, alongwith a projected decline in the number of new recruits, poses the threat of a gap in skilled workers that are critical to success....

Social Graces

by Burdick, Babette

Social networking is old hat by now, and most people dabble in it or participate with little impact. But social networking is an important means of branding yourself, your skill set and your company’s capabilities, products and services....

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Salary Survey 2009: Holding Steady

by Conklin, Joseph D.

QP’s salary survey is interesting in good times, and even more so in lean times. My observations for the 2009 version fall into three categories: profiles of success, limits of the survey and questions readers might ask to reflect on career development....

Salary Survey 2009: The Complete Report

by QP Staff

52 section 6 Salary by Number of Work Hours Online section 7 Salary by Nonexempt vs. exempt Status Online section 8 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position Online section 9 Salary by Number of Years in Current Position and in the Quality Field Onli...

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Career Corner: Out of Quality, Out of Business

by Kulisek, Diane

Being lean used to be associated with poverty and starvation. Today, being lean refers to profitability and fitness, especially in business. Cutting corporate fat, or non-essentials, has become as important for organizational health as slimming down is...

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Career Corner: Laugh It Off

by Kulisek, Diane G.

Assuring quality, and laughter, might seem at diametrically opposite sides of the human behavior spectrum. Many studies and articles have been published about the benefits of laughter and humor when managing people or projects, or when trying to overcome ...

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Career Corner: Turn Trauma Into Triumph

by Whitacre, Teresa

The stress of job loss affects each person differently, both physically and emotionally. The site pulls in jobs from other job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo Hot Jobs, USA Jobs, and local or regional newspapers, depending on the ZIP code ent...

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Career Corner: Full-Time Quality Manager or Part-Time Quality Consultant?

by Kulisek, Diane

As companies become leaner and the workforce becomes older, it seems the use of highly qualified quality assurance consultants would be an attractive alternative to hiring full-time regular quality managers....

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