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Insurance Policy

by Minckler, William

Using a quality-centric approach, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in 2012 embarked on an initiative to create an enterprise content management system to manage, safeguard and accelerate the use of key informational assets....

Expert Answers: May 2014

by QP Staff

Starting a career in quality ... Testing traceability...

Ready, Set, Go

by Lawson, Edward

Organizational progress is generally driven by the identification of goals and objectives. Strategic planning, which defines goals and objectives, is a formal process in organizations, regardless of size....

Avoiding an Avalanche

by Milliken, Greg

Organizations that make products with rigorous quality requirements face numerous challenges associated with meeting objectives—ranging from complying with standards to operating in highly-regulated and frequently audited environments....

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Balancing Act

by Montgomery, Eda Ross; Neway, Justin

With common quality methods and standards in place, manufacturing organizations share a daunting challenge: an increased volume of electronic and paper-based data collected during process development and manufacturing....

Statistics Roundtable: Getting Graphical

by Borror, Connie M., White, T. Kevin

A company has six manufacturing processes critical to its business success. Management recently required each area manager to provide quarterly reports on the performance of their particular process....

Standards Outlook: From the Trenches

by Liebesman, Sandford

ISO 9001 and the COSO internal control guidance document used by financial organizations that must comply with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act don’t have a lot in common, but one thing they share is the need to update the current version....

A Service Framework

by Tyagi, Rajesh; Piccotti, Jen

To help service quality professionals negotiate the unique challenges they encounter, the ASQ Service Quality Division envisaged the Service Quality Body of Knowledge as an umbrella framework....

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Pointed in the Right Direction

by Dunmire, Thea; Johnson, Gary L.

Last November, ISO published a new edition of ISO 19011—Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. This marks a further evolution in management system auditing and in ISO’s approach to the drafting of management system standards....

Quality Curriculum

by Taylor, James B.; Sinn, John W.; Lightfoot, William S.

Does quality exist as an entity independent of business? Are the business of quality and the quality of business simply two sides of the same coin? No matter—the quality discipline has become inextricably woven into business....

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Organize How You Innovate

by Scriabina, Natalia

It is difficult to underestimate the role of innovation in the success of an organization. ISO 9004:2009 redefines the role of improvements and innovations within a quality management system....

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Get Your Ducks in a Row

by Orthaber, John

The ISO 9001 quality management system has been around since 1987, and it is generally acknowledged that the system produces some fairly significant benefits, including improved profitability, higher sales and better employee morale....

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Sustainable Future

by Scriabina, Natalia; Cort, Gary

The new international standard ISO 9004:2009—managing for the sustained success of an organization—a quality management approach, brings quality management to a new area of sustained success. The standard adds a new term, sustained success...

Now What?

by Carboneau, Clark; Banks, Jon; Armijo, Tony; Zondlo, John A.

This is the story of one organization’s efforts to develop and implement a dissemination process that would consistently spread its improvement solutions across all facets of the organization....

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by Murphy, William H.

All companies want to build a stronger brand by ensuring customer satisfaction. Along the way, of course, the companies want to make a profit....

Expert Answers: September 2008

by QP Staff

Information management systems ... The benefits of binomial probability plotting....

Strength in Numbers

by Gardner, Leslie; Osburn, Terrence; Pearson, Tom

Finding resources to pursue quality improvement and organizational excellence is the greatest challenge confronting most organizations today, including universities and professional organizations....

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ASQ Certification Board Puts Quality Tools to Work

by Laman, Scott A.; Burns, Elizabeth; Lynn, Kathy L.

Recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction in strategic planning, the ASQ certification board recently used quality tools to develop customer requirements. To begin the process, a SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, outputs, and customers) diagram was...

The International Growth of Quality

by Feigenbaum, A.V.

Human, economic, and technological changes in the international arena require that businesses deliver high quality value to customers. Fundamental to any business's competitive strength is its ability to understand and implement the language of quality....

Apply Six Sigma To Sales and Marketing

by Pestorius, Michael S.

A common misconception regarding Six Sigma is that it applies only to manufacturing processes and that its fact-based problem solving methodology doesn't transfer to business processes such as marketing and sales. These people believe that a...

New Frontiers in the Design of Experiments

by Kenett, Ron S.; Steinberg, David M.

Statistically designed experiments enable businesses to reduce time to market while achieving quality product performance that is critical to survival and success. R.A. Fisher first introduced them in the early 20th century to evaluate the results of...

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Career Corner: Three R's for Quality Professionals

by Kulisek, Diane

While talking with the president of a growing service company, I learned he had some painful connections to the concept of quality professionalism. The words he associated with those who had "quality" in their job titles were overwhelmingly negative....

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Lean Lessons: Building Blocks

by Alukal, George

Is your organization wasting its valuable resources? Waste can directly impact your organization’s costs, quality and delivery, and may lead to excess inventory, unnecessary movement, unintentional waiting time, untapped......

What Do Online Customers Value?

by Tamimi, Nabil; Sebastianelli, Rose; Rajan, Murli

Burgeoning e-commerce sales point to the pivotal role of the Internet as an effective marketing tool. An online survey was used to determine which website design features have the strongest consumer appeal. One section of the survey gathered background...

Quality Management's Role in Global Sourcing

by Watkins, David K.

Globalization and the evolution of quality management systems from a focus on controlling product conformity to a much broader focus on overall enterprise capability have resulted in the need to redefine the role of quality management in dealing with...

Compliance and Ethics Group Formed

by Liebesman, Sandford

Recently I learned about a new organization, the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG). I immediately found its website ( and was impressed....

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Senior Citizens Get It Done

by Brong, Jerry

Stop now! Enter this column only if you meet admission requirements. Those who fail to meet the standard of being a confirmed senior citizen need not apply. Discrimination against young people is in progress....

Healthcare Agreement Revision Nears Release

by Reid, R. Dan

The first revision of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) International Workshop Agreement (IWA 1) should be released this month if all goes according to plan....

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Two Hospitals Prescribe Performance Excellence

by Johnson, Kristen

Florida's Baptist Hospital Inc. (BHI) and Saint Luke's Hospital (SLH) in Kansas City, Missouri were recipients of the 2003 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the healthcare category. In addition to its new mission to provide world-class patient...

The Quality of Learning

by Chambers, David W.; Fernandez, Abel A.

Quality in education can be difficult to measure because the educational process differs from manufacturing in certain intrinsic ways. The University of the Pacific’s school of dentistry uses a competency-based approach to education that assumes...

Quality, Not Quantity, of Management

by Feigenbaum, Armand V.; Feigenbaum, Donald S.

This article is from the book The Power of Management Capital: Utilizing the New Drivers of Innovation, Profitability, and Growth in a Demanding Global Economy, available through Quality Press, item number

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Create a Lean, Mean Machine

by Alukal, George

"Lean" has been defined as a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement. Lean focuses on value added flow of resources from the customer’s point of view. To compete in today’s economy a company must...

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Become a Baldrige Examiner

by Hoisington, Steve

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), created by Congress in 1987 as a national initiative to help industry and service organizations improve performance and become more efficient and competitive, is administered by the Baldrige National...

Measure for Six Sigma Success

by Pearson, Thomas A.

Measurements, despite their proven historical significance, are still viewed as the cost of doing business and as production bottlenecks. In the new "measure for Six Sigma" world, measurements become a direct production activity resulting in a true...

Six Sigma, E-Commerce Pose New Challenges

by Kendall, Jenny; Fulenwider, Donna

Companies feel a need to become more flexible and ready to respond to rapid changes due to the growth of e-commerce. Corporate systems for responding to such changes have the same role as that of the central nervous system in the human body. The...

Benchmarking the Home Pages of 'Fortune' 500 Companies

by Tamimi, Nabil; Rajan, Murli; Sebastianelli, Rose

The Internet has made dramatic changes in how goods and services are purchased and sold. The sophistication levels of Web presences vary from company to company, and different kinds of Web sites serve different types of audiences. Most Fortune 500...

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A Trio for Quality

by Schyve, Paul, M.D.

Health care organizations can use quality approaches developed for other industries. Accreditation standards developed by the Joint Commission on Accreditations of Healthcare Organizations can be used in combination with criteria of the Malcolm...

21 Voices for the 21st Century

The interplay of quality, e-quality, and equality in the comments of 21 individuals provide a preview of the future of quality in the new century. The editors of Quality Progress, with input from many sources, have selected 21 original thinkers...

New Quality for the 21st Century

by Feigenbaum, A. V.; Feigenbaum, Donald S.

The worldwide marketplace demands a redefinition of quality in the relentless pursuit of improvement. The 1990s have provided six drivers of this new vitality for quality: fundamental changes in how people think about and act on the need for quality;...

Measurements and the Knowledge Revolution

by Pearson, Thomas A.

Real-time delivery of valued knowledge provides strong support for enterprise operations. In the knowledge revolution, organizations can improve knowledge delivery with the right measurement and information systems. Successful organizations must use...

ISO 9000 Revisions Are Key to Knowledge Age Excellence

by Zuckerman, Amy

An analysis of the ISO 9000 process demonstrates its links with communication and information technology activities. These links are especially relevant for examining how the process oriented ISO 9000:2000 can help employees get ready for the knowledge...

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Making the Pitch in the Executive Suite

by Daniels, Susan E.; Hagen, Mark R.

Quality practitioners at six Baldrige Award winning companies have advice on helping senior executives buy into quality initiatives. At Texas Nameplate Company, Dale Crownover suggests documentation on monetary losses in areas like absenteeism,...

The Emancipation of Quality: Building Bridges and Closing Gaps

by Watson, Gregory H.

The recent name change of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) is indicative of the future of the quality profession. Quality goes beyond quality control in manufacturing. It extends to all organizations and to all work. Quality is not only for...

Is the World Ready for Knowledge Management?

by Zuckerman, Amy; Buell, Hal

By regaining information management skills, such as those fostered in the Associated Press (AP) model, organizations can prepare themselves for knowledge management. Although advanced technology often supports a knowledge management system, its success...

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The Barriers to Total Quality Management

by Tamimi, Nabil; Sebastianelli, Rose

A survey of quality control managers and quality managers provided rankings for 25 potential impediments to TQM (total quality management). The 25 items were identified by interviewing managers and searching the literature. Then they were sent to 872...

Technology and Performance Improvement: Intellectual Partners?

by Brown, Paula

The intellectual capital of an organization's people can increase in usefulness and value when there are computerized tools that manage and streamline performance. This technology supports improvement initiatives while building an organizational...

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Can U.S. Schools Be Managed for Improvement?

by Cummings, Leonard; Lunsford, Jim

Systems thinking and the principles of quality management can improve education. "System" can be operationally defined so that it applies to public schools. The public school system must become stable enough to bring its processes into control while...

Obstacles vs. Obsolescence

by Hanchett, Marilyn

There are challenges to the development of the quality profession in the business environment. The lack of a consistent knowledge base with a scientific foundation is an obstacle to clearly identifying the quality professional's role. Multiple...

Trends and Key Forces Shaping the Future of Quality

by Dighe, Atul; Bezold, Clement

The American Society for Quality Control Futures Team and Alternative Futures Associates identified nine key forces for the 1995-2010 era. Globilization may lead to demands for multicultural quality training and assistance for countries like China and...

Xerox 2000: From Survival to Opportunity

by Leo, Richard J.

At Xerox, a new Management Model and a Managing for Results process are helping to transform its Leadership Through Quality program into the Xerox 2000 Leadership Through Quality program. The updated initiative integrates the organization's many...

People: The Imperfect Communicators

by Scully, John P.

Employees should have free and ready access to the information their jobs require. However, people and their organization can be barriers to this communication. Employees need information about: the values of their organization; the needs and...

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