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Who Attends ASQ Section Meetings and Events?

by Lackey, Jeff

When the Jacksonville, Florida ASQ section was threatened with deactivation due to inactivity, dedicated volunteers used telephone surveys to determine what members wanted. Survey results made clear the necessity to set strategic objectives for planning...

Business Process Orientation: Do You Have It?

by McCormack, Kevin

The current business environment, characterized by global competition, demanding customers, and e-commerce, requires the best organizations to become faster, more flexible, and customer-focused. Process orientation and process reengineering are concepts...

A New Way to Listen to the Customer

by Finch, Byron J.

The Internet is a source of customer feedback, especially in the conversations in Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. World Wide Web pages might also be useful, as when individuals use their pages to describe sport and hobby interests. To find...

Measuring Performance with Customer-Defined Metrics

by Morgan, Mark W.

Clear and manageable indicators guide the 700-member Information Systems Contract (ISC) team in providing information services to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The contract included 187 metrics, such as the maintenance...

Managing the Link Between Measurement and Compensation

by Davis, Robert; Rosegrant, Susan; Watkins, Michael

Organizational performance is tied to employee earnings at AT&T Universal Card Services (UCS). A measurement system collects data from competitors' customers, UCS customers, and key processes. Daily process data cover operations like payment screening...

Preparing the Front Line

by Jeffrey, Jaclyn R.

Companies that value customer service make it a part of the organizational culture. In particular, customer service employees are the target of a three-part strategy of hiring, development, and motivation. These are the findings of a survey of five...

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