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Expert Answers: October 2012

by QP Staff

Finding the right role ... Audit mismatches ... Accuracy in calibration...

Surf's Up

by Edmund, Mark

In essence, a disconnect within the Telefónica Group was throwing off and disconnecting its customers from the internet....

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Taking the Reins

by Kelley, Lynn

To stay in front of the competition, successful organizations know they can never stand still. There are always ways to innovate and improve the way they do business....

Seamless Transactions

by Adrian, Nicole

Customer service is certainly important to any business, in any industry. But when a company’s purpose is to process millions of financial transactions on behalf of its customers—who depend on the company’s speed, accuracy and professionalism...

Newer Better Faster

by Stevenson, James R.; Kashef, Ali E.

The Small Business Administration has indicated that the majority of innovations are consistent with the continuous improvement commonly used in the define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) Six Sigma method....

Quality Glossary

by Nelsen, Dave

Five years after it published its first glossary of quality terms, ASQ has revised that glossary with updated definitions and new entries, many from the lean glossary published in 2005. This reference of terms, acronyms, and prominent figures in the...

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Quality Glossary

A handy reference is provided of quality terms, acronyms, and key people in the history of quality. Information is derived from a variety of sources and compiled by the editorial staff of the American Society for...

Helping Mom and Dad Select an Assisted-Living Apartment

by Kern, Jill Phelps

The author's parents considered various configurations, locations, and sizes of apartments before their move into an assisted-living community. To help them select an apartment, they brainstormed, listed, and prioritized their selection criteria....

Quality as a Way of Life, Part 2

by Stratton, Brad

This is the second and final installment of nontraditional articles on quality as a way of life. The first installment appeared in the July 1997 issue of Quality Progress. In the current issue there are ten articles, seven dealing with quality in the...

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