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Email Matters

by Milton, Alec

It is commonly accepted that 80% of data within an organization is unstructured. Emails are considered a part of the definition of unstructured data. But with the right processes, it is possible to get email under control....

Standards Outlook: Preparing and Structuring an Audit Report

by J.P. Russell

Preparing a quality management system (QMS) or environmental management system (EMS) audit report can be a hurried, punch list--a list of minor things to be completed at the end of a project....

Open Access

Lead To Succeed

by Prevette, Steven S.

It seems at times that the quality profession is not as valued as it once was. The solution is to offer a unique service the corporation and its managers are willing to pay for. To sell yourself and your product, people must notice that you are...

The Right Place At the Right Time

by Prevette, Steven S.

My first exposure to quality came as a U.S. Navy submarine officer. As it holds a nuclear reactor and submerges under a lot of seawater pressure, a submarine has many quality issues....

The IRS and TVA Are Leading the Way

by Guffey, Cynthia J.; Helms, Marilyn M.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have been successful in reinventing government. This initiative, also known as the National Performance Review, is driven by political pressure, citizen concern, and the large...

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