March 2020

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Improve Your Team's Batting Average

by Snee, Ronald D.

A company has a major, complex problem that involves many (more than six) candidate causal variables. This is a new product and process. There are not much data available. Experimentation will be required to generate the data needed to solve the problem....

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Sky High

by Paulise, Luciana

The ability to work in a “we” culture in which self-organizing teams lead is key to becoming agile not only for entrepreneurs but also for individuals working for innovative organizations....

The Hidden Hospital

by Ronen, Boaz; Pliskin, Joseph S.

By their nature, hospitals are complex and difficult to manage and improve. They contain many different wards with diverse personnel, including physicians, nurses, technicians and administrative employees....

Working in Concert

by Mohamed, Amal Farouk Soliman

Over the past several years, there has been an emphasis on demonstrating the effect of intellectual capital on a firm’s performance or its productivity. The effect of implementing soft TQM on intellectual capital, however, has not yet been demonstrated....

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