January 2020

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A Better Picture

by Jensen, Willis; Szarka III, John; White, Kevin

All processes have variation. When you collect data on these processes, you can get a better understanding of the magnitude of that variation and what efforts are needed to reduce the variation to improve product quality....

Heart of Change

by Bedgood, Casey

If handled incorrectly, change can be scary and ambiguous. Change is inevitable and the new norm for dynamic industries, such as healthcare. As change agents and leaders navigate the changing landscape, there are several important factors to consider....

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Special Delivery

by Bennett, Brandon

Solutions that deliver results at scale must be simple and sound. For those pursuing organizational improvement, questions remain: How do we codify our solutions? How do we spread knowledge of our solutions to others?...

Great Expectations

by Rao, Narahari

In today’s era of constant change, businesses cannot afford to stay the same. Every organization is constantly in flux and morphing to adapt. Nowhere else is Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution more visible than in the corporate world....

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