November 2019

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Dial Down

by Durivage, Mark

Traditionally, audit findings have been graded qualitatively using the generally accepted and widely used terms “minor” and “major” nonconformities....

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

by Rodriguez, Juan Ernesto

Without an adequate skill set and structured training in systematic trouble shooting techniques, technicians often may engage in nonanalytical methods, such as parts swapping, that don’t require following a logical, stepped progression....

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Clearing a Safe Path

by Taormina, Tom

The Oxford Dictionary defines risk as “a situation involving exposure to danger.” According to the Risk Management Institute, “Risk management involves understanding, analyzing and addressing risk to make sure organizations achieve their objectives.”...

Consuming the Concept of Risk

by Córdoba Galve, Vicente

One of the major changes to ISO 9001:2015 is the concept of potential nonconformity was replaced with the concept of risk. Because of this change, the primary purpose of a quality management system—prevention—must be restored....

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