August 2019

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Fish(bone) Stories

by Watson, Gregory H.; Spiridonova, Ekaterina A.

The methodology behind the fishbone diagram is older than many of its users. It was first developed in an age of paper and pencil when graphics were largely hand drawn on paper or acetate foils....

Bring the Energy

by Holmes, Donald S.; Mergen, A. Erhan; Uysal, Murat P.

Over the years, it seems acceptance charts have not received as much attention as control charts even though they have been around since the mid-1950s. That must change. Acceptance charts have great potential for use in managing quality and Six Sigma....

One Check to Rule Them All

by Smith, John D.

Associate feedback was clear. There were significant problems with the new operating system that were not evident to leaders of the mid-sized health plan support services business....

The Power of Proactivity

by Petkovski, Konstantin

The plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle is a widely recognized problem-solving tool. It is universally applicable and based on scientific grounds. Due to the repetition of the cycle, PDCA arguably is the most frequently used continuous improvement tool....

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