January 2019

Open Access

Show Me the Pedigree

by Hoerl, Roger W.; Snee, Ronald D.

Data analysis is a cornerstone of quality improvement. While there’s obviously much more to quality than data and statistics, devoid of analytics, quality can devolve into a lot of hype, slogans and fanfare....

The Happiness Effect

by Carder, Brooks

The essence of quality is the application of science to business. W. Edwards Deming cited four branches of scientific knowledge essential for leadership, which he called profound knowledge....

Let’s Huddle

by Rajaraman, Ashok Kumar

In busy organizations, there isn’t time scheduled for a team to have a discussion with their colleagues or team leader. This leads to erratic service delivery or work completion, which affects the customer experience....

Evaluate—Then Cultivate

by Jing, Ningning

An enterprise’s culture of quality is an important subset of its overall culture. It’s also the sum of the organization’s concepts, values, habits, behavior patterns, basic principles and systems, and the physical expression of quality....

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