December 2018

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Not Too Big, Not Too Small

by Bertoni, Christopher N. and Bertoni, Bridget

We learned that a sample size can be too small. But can a sample size be too big? The question that came to mind after reading the column was, “Is there an optimal sample size for significance tests?”...

From Another Quality Dimension

by Sampaio, Paulo; Saraiva, Pedro; Cubo, Catarina; Reis, Marco

In today’s globalized world, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to compare their performance not only to other organizations, but among regions and countries. Benchmarking and rankings are used to compare activity sectors and countries....

Salary Survey 2018: Appendixes A-C

by Hansen, Max Christian

Open Access

Influential and Impactful

by Hansen, Max Christian

Organizations of all kinds prepare for the future by implementing quality methods—some more successfully than others....

Salary Survey 2018: The Complete Report

by Hansen, Max Christian

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