October 2018

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The Time Is Now

by Rao, Narahari

Human kind has been through several time periods, including the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Jet Age....

Let’s Get Digital

by Radziwill, Nicole

In many ways, cloud computing, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things all represent new frontiers....

Revolutionary Impact?

by Freiesleben, Johannes

Machine learning, aka deep learning, is gaining more attention these days. As a part of the field of AI, machine learning deals with algorithms that make computers think—that is, making sense of huge amounts of unstructured data by themselves....

21st Century Excellence

by Kennedy, Bob

In the 1980s, it was common for CEOs and quality professionals to attend conferences hosted by W. Edwards Deming. Many came in search of a magic bullet that would transform their organizations into competitive businesses....

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