June 2018

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Clashing or Compatible?

by Wichtoski, Erin; Duffy, Grace L.

Like it or not, every generation carries its own stereotypes and assumptions: The gray generation (aka the matures or the traditionalists—those born before World War II) are wise, work hard and pay their dues....

Natural Inclination

by Laman, Scott A.

We live in a time in which different generations and a wide range of ages work together. This causes common perceptions between the generations, such as older people are set in their ways, don’t want to change and don’t understand technology....

In Context

by Miller, William J.; Lowery, Christopher M.; Sumner, Andrew T.; Deane, Richard H.; Randles, Theodore J.

Does quality depend on context? While many of the principles and practices of quality management are universal, there are aspects of quality that are different for diverse organizations, and other variables must be taken into consideration....

Drawn Out

by Sherman, Peter J.

Here’s a test: In Figure 1, can you quickly identify the sequence of numbers beginning with one, two, three and so on? Chances are you feel a bit overwhelmed. With so many numbers, it can be challenging....

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