May 2018

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Mapping the Way

by Custer, Lisa

The customer journey map is a graphical representation of the interactions between a customer and a process or product over its lifespan. It’s an aspirational guide that depicts where an organization wants to be in one, three or five years....

What’s Your Strategy?

by Dew, John R.

To successfully enable their clients and organizations to produce sustainable quality results, it is vital for quality professionals to understand quality-centered strategic planning and tactical planning for quality results and improvement....

Beds, Math and Beyond

by Sharma, Manoj

The day-surgery unit (DSU) at a hospital in St. Albert, Alberta, has the capacity to hold 14 beds for patients....

Open Access

Line Work

by Fierro, Ricardo G.

Queues are all around us: Shoppers paying for groceries in supermarkets, travelers at airport check-in counters and security checkpoints, requisitions ready to be processed in purchasing departments or passengers waiting at bus stops....

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