July 2017

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The Next Phase in Quality’s Evolution

by Sherman, Max

Much has been written about mindfulness training and meditation as they pertain to stress and weight reduction, treating anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, enhancing cardiovascular health, elevating mood and ameliorating other problems....

Down With Silos

by Duncan, Linda; Luchs, Sherri

Penn State Health is an academic health system in south central Pennsylvania with more than 10,000 staff members across two hospitals (an adult hospital and a freestanding children’s hospital) and the College of Medicine....

Mobility Matters

by Cowan, Ryan; Norouzzadeh, Shaghayegh; Riebling, Nancy; Joseph, Antz; Doerfler, Martin, M.D.;

The word “mobilization” was first used in a military context by the Russian army during the 1850s. Mobilization, in that context, is the act of assembling and making troops and supplies ready for war....

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Under Cultivation

by Tomic, Ben; Spasojevic Brkic, Vesna

Successful organizations are those that make a profit. Making a profit, in large part, is a result of satisfying your customers, which is achieved when customers recognize the value of using your product or service....

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