February 2017

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Good Shepherds

by McIver, Kathryn D.

Organizations can apply tragedy of the commons (TOTC) theory—which focuses on how public resources are overused to the detriment of society—to more effectively manage staff and projects....

Small Changes, Big Results

by Sarosky, Daniel K.

The highly accelerated stress screen (HASS) is a standard industry process used to precipitate and detect a product’s early-life defects. HASS is not designed, however, to capture all defects....

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Come Together

by Marcus, Ryan; Harris, Michelle

The pod concept organizes employees in a single location by process rather than function. By relying on lean principles, pods help employees see a process end-to-end, receive direct feedback from the customer and gain autonomy....

Subject to Review

by Creasy, Todd

Healthcare delivery has changed dramatically over the years: from simple house calls to health maintenance organizations, point of service plans, preferred-provider organizations and Affordable Care Act exchanges....

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ASQ's 2017 Six Sigma Resource Guide

by QP Staff

edu/ asq NGS is accredited by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges ( NEAS& C). Certified to operate by State Council of Higher Education for Virginia ( SCHEV). DEGREES IN QUALITY SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Bachelor of Science Degree Completion* -...

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