April 2010

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Where to Start

by Hayes, Bob E.; Goodden, Randall; Atkinson, Ron; Murdock, Frank; Smith, Don

Companies are viewing the Toyota situation as a cautionary tale rife with lessons that can benefit all organizations. To help drive those lessons home, QP recruited five quality experts, each of whom broke down one aspect of the fallout....

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Power to the People

by Seibert, Jerry H.; Schiemann, William A.

The economic environment is so profoundly different from the beginning of this millennium, it begs the question of whether organizations’ primary relationships have changed, including those with customers and their employees....

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Under Scrutiny

by Paradies, Mark

For years, quality practitioners have been taught to find root causes of problems by using a set of tools based on the theory of cause and effect. Many users of these techniques, however, find that some problems keep happening....

Seamless Transactions

by Adrian, Nicole

Customer service is certainly important to any business, in any industry. But when a company’s purpose is to process millions of financial transactions on behalf of its customers—who depend on the company’s speed, accuracy and professionalism...

Brewed Awakening

by Gojanovic, Tony; Jimenez, Ernie

Manufacturers often rely on an established network of distributors to move finished goods to retailers and consumers. A typical U.S. beer maker may depend on a network of 500 distributors to deliver its beverages to more than 700,000 retail accounts....

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