March 2010

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Breaking From the Pack

by Watson, Gregory H.

Russ Ackoff's life story is instructive for quality professionals as they trace the development of systems thinking during its 60-year migration....

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Distinguished Service Medal

by Edmund, Mark

The two DSMs awarded by the ASQ Board of Directors last year are: Manu K. Vora: " For his self- less service as a long- term enabler and champion of quality around the world; For sharing quality principles and best practices for the benefit of the qualit...

Customer Focus Sparks Invention

by Ellifson, Valerie

To reduce customer complaints and remain profitable, Littelfuse’s facility in the Philippines designed a voice of the customer (VOC) project. The executive team or project champion and project sponsor help the team set goals and expectations, and provide ...

The Next Chapter?

by Reidenbach, R. Eric

A new version of Six Sigma shifts focus from reducing defects and cutting costs to growing an organization’s market share by identifying targeted products and markets and creating customer value....

Window of Opportunity

by Chadha, Rajeev; Kalra, Jay

By employing lean Six Sigma, a supplier for one of the Big Three automakers met its goals and developed technology that is projected to be applicable to any and every automobile—from two-door coupes to full-size vans—within five years....

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Leaning Toward Green

by Chapman, Christopher D.; Green II, Newton B.

Lean practitioners have long challenged employees to question why a process is performed in a particular way, whether it is necessary, and to shift their paradigm to implement a simpler, more efficient way to provide value to the customer....

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