November 2009

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Spring Into Action

by Feigenbaum, A.V.

Last year, I was presented the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. It was a great honor for all of us at General Systems Co.—and for all of us in the quality profession—to be recognized for our efforts related to total quality and innovation....

Aerial Coverage

by Clifford, Jim

To harmonize requirements across the supply chain for the management of the Department of Defense aviation CSIs, a standards publication group has reconciled final industry comments and is preparing to publish a new aviation, space and defense standard....

Managing Expectations

by Westcott, Russell T.

One condition is vital for initiating, implementing and sustaining a viable quality initiative: management support. Surprisingly, very few articles and books on quality even mention this need, let alone what to do if support isn’t there....

Attitude Shift

by Young, Marc

In a used-car dealership group based in Richmond, VA, a lean culture change took place that started with a redesign of its process for reconditioning used cars and ended with numerous benefits, some of which it didn't expect....

3.4 per Million-The Right Decision-Online only content

by QP Staff

Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 WACC 1 1 1 Tax Rate 4 4 4 DRevenue $4,00 $5,00 DExpenses $500 $100 DNOPAT $2,10 $3,00 -$60 DTotal Assets $50 -$50,0 DFree Liabilities DEVA $2,10 $2,99 $4,94 This sheet is public domain, use as you see fit. ...

What's on the Horizon

by Dreikorn, Michael J.

As an industry evolves, so, too, do the standards and regulations that govern it. The aviation industry has seen several changes made recently, and more are on the way....

Dreikorn Online Only Content

by QP Staff

Subpart G Subpart K Subpart 0 Production Parts Manufacturer Technical Standard Order Certificates Approvals ( New Title) Approvals Applicability 21.131 21.301 21.601 Application 21.133 21.303 21.603 Organization 21.135 21.305 21.605 I Quality system 21.1...

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