April 2008

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The Architect of Quality

by Edmund, Mark

Joseph M. Juran 1904 - 2008

Pioneer. Teacher. Consultant. Guru. Each of these words describes Joseph M. Juran, the man who became a giant in the world of quality management and changed how companies do business....

Mind Your Meetings

by Allen, Joseph A.; Rogelberg, Steven G.; Scott, John C.

Managers and executives spend an inordinate amount of time in the estimated 11 million meetings held in the United States every day....

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Eyes on the Dashboard at Mercy Health System

by Daniels, Susan E.

Patient satisfaction has been a component of Mercy Health System’s dashboard system for about six years, so when emergency department satisfaction into the red zone in late 2005, it immediately set off an alarm....

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Sharp HealthCare Gets to the Point in Managing Diabetes

by Daniels, Susan E.

With literature from the last five years demonstrating that poor control of blood sugar in acute healthcare settings equates to negative outcomes in diabetics, Sharp HealthCare in San Diego decided to control it everywhere....

Testing the Limits of Team Development

by Laman, Scott

The stages of team development are well known. Not as defined are practical techniques for moving through the process quickly without sacrificing performance. There are examples of how this can be done, including ASQ’s exam review workshops....

The Great Debate

by Mors, Terry A.

Two auditors meet over breakfast. One is a quality management system (QMS) auditor and the other an environmental management system (EMS) auditor....

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