October 2006

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Empowering Employees to Pull the Quality Trigger

by Miscikowski, Douglas K.; Stein, Eric W.

The successful implementation of a quality management system calls for a shift in decision making from quality managers to shop floor operators empowered to initiate a corrective action in the event of a quality event. While the widespread use of data...

12 Keys to Career Success

by Oltesvig, John

As the number of manufacturing jobs continues to decline in the United States, many quality professionals have become concerned about job security and opportunities to attain career success. But like Joseph Juran and W. Edwards Deming before them, each...

Climbing the Career Ladder: It's Up to You

by Walker, H. Fred; Levesque, Justin

With as much information on the subject of career development as there is available today, the real challenge is recognizing that you, not your employer, are responsible for your own career development, and then finding a structure to guide your plans....

A Second Look at 5S

by Van Patten, James

While Six Sigma has largely replaced 5S (lean), that doesn't mean that 5S doesn't have the potential to deliver benefits beyond cleaning up the shop floor. 5S is an idea that can change the perception of the workplace and provide a foundation for all...

Don't Forget the People

by Iyer, Srijayan N.

Standard practice in quality management has been focused on establishing good systems for quality, but many organizations see these efforts fall short of objectives. The problem is the lack of linkage between the way the workforce perceives and...

Uniform Maker Sews Up Success With Scorecard

by Gordon, Gus

Operadora Ganso Azul S.A. de C.V. is an ISO 9001 sewing factory in Mexico facing growing competition for China. In 2000 when the company began operating as a maquiladora producing uniforms for police officers and firefighters, rapid expansion created...

Open Access

Building Quality at Veridian Homes

by Leonard, Denis

Veridian Homes in Madison, Wisconsin uses several quality methods to improve productivity while reducing impact on the environment. To achieve its goal of promoting and coordinating quality throughout the company, the company employed the National...

How to Fail the ISO 9001 Driver's Test

by Palmes, Paul

An ISO 9001 audit can be likened to the process of getting a driver's license when you think of the auditor as a department of motor vehicles tester who must examine your vehicle and its key operators before granting certification. ISO 9001 requires...

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