October 2005

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Corral Your Organization's Knowledge

by Okes, Duke

One useful method of determining organizational performance is to assess how well it manages critical knowledge. Definitions of knowledge management may vary, but they generally fit into one of four categories: Information technology, organizational...

How Russian and U.S. Standards Impact Foreign Trade

by Stoletova, Maria

Standardized requirements for product quality are inhibiting business partnerships between companies and government agencies in the United States and Russia. Russia's rapid transition from a planned economy to a free market system has no parallel in...

The Power of Dynamic Illustrations

by Levin, Wayne J.

As more organizations embrace statistical methods and thinking, a useful new tool can help quality professionals and their students meet the challenges of learning statistical methods. Dynamic illustrations are software applications that combine...

Prepare Students For Technical Careers

by Heinrich, George; Jordan, Karen; Smalley, Audrey; Boast, Steve

In a global comparison, U.S. high school students are not competitive in mathematics, and relatively few pursue engineering or other technical disciplines when they enter college. A survey conducted by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers showed gaps...

The Future of Quality in Indianapolis

by Osburn, Terence P.; Klimaszewski, Deborah L.

ASQ's Indianapolis Section 903 has typically focused on projects that could be completed within the year but, conscious of the effects of short-range planning, the section decided to develop a five-year strategic plan to increase responsiveness to the...

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Baldrige - Just What the Doctor Ordered

by Nelsen, Dave

The Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) University Hospital Hamilton's commitment to quality has won it the 2004 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the healthcare category. Part of the hospital's existing quality program is its five pillars of excellence...

The Write Stuff For Quality

by Campanizzi, Jane

Effective writing is a powerful skill that can add value to your organization. The more you utilize basic language techniques, the easier it will be for your readers to interpret and understand your workplace writing. This article, adapted from...

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