November 2003

Top 10 Tips for Shop Floor Audit Readiness

by Pylipow, Peter E.

Wendy, a shift supervisor at fictitious Skyko Industries, was notified her manufacturing area was going to be added to the scope of Skyko’s ISO 9001 registration....

Column: Emerging Sectors: All Aboard the ISO 9000 Express

by Abou-Sabh, Sharif; Bohman, Christer

The Chicago Transit System, serving approximately 1.5 million riders every day in Chicago and 38 neighboring suburbs, is a vital component of Northeastern Illinois' economy. Operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and including buses, trains and...

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Move From Product to Customer Centric

by Ricci, Robert

Can a 50-year-old manufacturer of industrial products become a customer centric organization? How can a traditionally product centric company learn to listen systematically to its customers?...

Handling the Human Side of Change

by Balestracci, David

Quality efforts and their accompanying flurry of training activities continue unabated in many organizations. Many have morphed to adapt to the current crazes of Six Sigma and lean....

Turn Your Customers Into Interns

by Will, Scott; Rivera, Ted

You may have been here before: You just signed a contract to have a house built. You’re excited at the prospect and can’t wait to move in. Obviously, with the contract just signed, your move in date is far off....

How to Recognize a Split-Plot Experiment

by Kowalski, Scott M.; Potcner, Kevin J.

Knowledge of this method gives practitioners, particularly those engaged in Six Sigma, a way to conduct experiments more efficiently....

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Applying an Excellence Model to Schools

by Saraiva, Pedro M.; Da Rosa, Maria Joao Pires; D’Orey, Joao Lagoa

Students, parents and society are demanding much more of schools as education becomes more and more important for national economic competitiveness, growth and even survival....

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