November 2002

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Coming Soon: The Future

by Case, Kenneth E.

Issues presented at the third futures study conducted by the American Society for Quality are highlighted. Conducted to energize strategic planning efforts, the study was guided by representatives from the Alternative Futures Institute and drew...

Your Resume: Not Just a Job Hunting Tool

by Cole, David W.

Your resume need not remain buried in your computer between job changes. By applying the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle, your resume can provide greater control over your current career and better prepare for future growth. PDCA requires regular...

Do Performance Appraisals Work?

by Juncaj, Tony

Since 1989 when Glenroy Inc., a small Wisconsin manufacturing firm, abandoned its performance appraisal and merit pay system in favor of market based pay grades and company-wide noncompetitive bonuses, few organizations have followed suit. Some quality...

The Changing Role of Quality Professionals

by Spichiger, Jim

In the spring of 2002 a survey ASQ Fellow Members was conducted asking opinions and comments on the changing role of the quality professional. A brief compilation of survey results is presented, along with some predictions of expected directions...

An Integrated Operations Performance Metric

by Reid, Richard A.

A case study demonstrates that a firm can improve customer satisfaction and increase its market share by initiating both quality and productivity improvements. The firm manufactures gift shop items in a major metropolitan area in the Southwest and...

Column: Frontiers of Quality: Golf and Six Sigma

by Breyfogle, Forrest W., III

Use Six Sigma metrics to drive proper process behavior

When creating a Six Sigma infrastructure, you need to be careful with the metrics and their interpretation. Otherwise, practitioners may feel pressured to play games with the numbers. The measurements used in a Six Sigma infrastructure need to drive the...

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ASQ News

Education Survey Results On Conference Agenda The results of a "State of Quality in Education" survey conducted in May were presented during the closing keynote at the National Quality in Education Conference Oct. 1 in Columbus, OH. Early bird conference ...

Quality Web Watch

Today's Engineer is the IEEE's online news letter, which provides feature articles, columns and engineering related links. SIX SIGMA Six Sigma Forum, a membership type of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), was created by the Six...

Use Symbols Instead of Words

by Stocker, Gregg

Symbols and visual cues are widely used today to present information in a simple, straightforward manner. They are more effective than words because they are more quickly interpreted and can overcome language barriers. However, we tend to overlook these...

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10 Process Improvement Lessons for Leaders

by Gardner, Robert A.

Many of the process improvement programs launched by companies with great enthusiasm fail to live up to expectations because leaders fail to understand the dynamics that influence the success of the program. While not intended to replace an existing...

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Effective Strategic Planning

by Cascella, Victor

Many business leaders have difficulty translating their strategic planning strategies into business results. One reason is that carefully devised strategies are often poorly deployed and implemented. To successfully launch a business strategy, an...

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