September 2002

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Reduce Human Error

by Rooney, James J.; Vanden Heuvel, Lee N.; Lorenzo, Donald K.

Human error is most often determined to be the cause of events leading to death or serious injury at healthcare facilities. When the responsible person is coached, disciplined, or perhaps even fired, managers and team leaders feel fairly confident...

Column: Emerging Sectors: Industry Education Council gets ISO 9001 certificate

by Palmer, Ted

Result is a stronger, more efficient customer focused organization

As an umbrella organization funded by multiple sources and responsible for facilitating and delivering a wide variety of programs, the Business Education Council (BEC) of Niagara faces complex obligations in terms of...

Process Mapping's Next Step

by Greenfield, Mathew

The sophisticated technology of process simulation is explained from a nontechnical viewpoint. Simulation technology enables the accurate analysis of complex business processes. The key benefit is that all the analysis and testing take place in a...

Column: Frontiers of Quality: The project selection process

by Snee, Ronald D.; Rodebaugh, William F., Jr.

Every company should focus on managing its project portfolio and creating an overall organizational improvement system

Six Sigma is about improving processes by solving problems. Typically, problems fall into two categories: solution known and solution unknown. Solution known projects are considered just-do projects and are completed by a...

Should You Transition to ISO 9001:2000?

by West, John E.; Haworth, Greg; Arter, Dennis R.; Harvey, Kathy; Naish, Phyllis; Green, Joseph W.

With the deadline little more than a year away, indications are that fewer than 20 percent of organizations whose business and quality objectives include compliance to the ISO 9000 standards have made the transition. Six ISO 9000 experts present their...

Deming and Me

by Crawford-Mason, Clare

Faced with a personal healthcare crisis involving major surgery, the author turned to the philosophy of her former mentor, W. Edwards Deming, for guidance. Deming had noted that it is inadvisable to make important decisions based on a single data point,...

Meeting Patient Expectations

by Crago, Michael G.

Nearly 100,000 patients die every year in U.S. hospitals due to medical errors, confronting both clinicians and professional healthcare managers with some challenging realities and questions. Could medical error be caused by operational disconnects...

Quality Web Watch

The home page alone is packed with information of interest to professionals in the environmental industry, such as promotions of upcoming events, publications, products, job postings and previews of three featured articles. An online library of books and ...

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ASQ News

First job in quality: Teaching elementary school (every job is in quality); first formal one was managing the continuous measurable improvement function for the plant services directorate at the former Hughes Electronics. It is at an...

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The Little Hot Dog Stand That Could

by Daniels, Susan E.

Pal's Sudden Service isn't a large, sophisticated corporation, but that didn't stop the Tennessee-based restaurant chain from winning the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA). Pal's two executives believe there is a process for everything...

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