March 2002

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Simplify Your Quality System

by Godwin, Pat

It is usual in the automotive industry for companies to coordinate their quality management standards to the QS-9000 manual, the automotive sector derivative of the ISO 9000 series. The organization of ISO 9000:2000 is different, however, and...

It Might Not Be Your Product

by Goodman, John A.; Ward, Dianne; Broetzmann, Scott

Quality assurance managers respond to customer complaints with the assumption that the problem is product or service failure. Often, however, the cause isn't the fault of the product itself but is due to incorrect use or unreasonable expectation by the...

Curriculum Assessment - A Systems Approach

by Salengna, Gary J.; Bantham, John H.

Curriculum assessment (CA) is receiving a lot of attention as more educational institutions focus on the quality of their academic programs. Institutions that don't have formalized plans for integrating CA activities into their cultures, however, will...

How To Compare Six Sigma, Lean and the Theory of Constraints

by Nave, Dave

Many process improvement methodologies appear to conflict with each other, making it difficult to decide which best fits an organization's needs and culture. Three improvement methodologies - Six Sigma, Lean thinking, and Theory of constraints - are...

Balance Your Balanced Scorecard

by Lawton, Robin

The intended purpose of a balanced scorecard is to provide a framework linking strategy with operational performance measures. In reality, it is an integrated report focusing on various areas of performance the organization values most. Like most change...

Markets Push Expansion of RAB Programs

by Fredrick, Penny

The substantial changes in the 2000 revision of the ISO 9000 standards have triggered corresponding changes in industry-specific ISO 9000 standards, including those for environmental management systems. To meet this challenge, the Registration...

Destination: ISO 9001

by Shipley, David

When in 1999 Nebraska manufacturer Nucor Corporation announced that it would require each of its Vulcraft divisions to achieve ISO 9001 certification, the Norfolk Division had two paths from which to choose. They decided that rather than wait until the...

9 Reasons to Switch to a Single Supplier System

by Thakur, Dipak

Airtel Mobile Phone Services in Chandigarh, India manufactures electronic assemblies for automotive customers with stringent quality requirements. To improve quality, the firm switched from a multiple supplier system (MSS) to a single supplier system...

Transition to ISO 9000:2000

by Stahan, Jay

Organizations can upgrade their ISO 9001:1994 certification to ISO 9001:2000 by using their existing quality management systems (QMS) instead of starting over with the revised standard's format. If the 1994 standard's terminology and format have met...

Column: Frontiers of Quality: Control Charts and Administration

by Conklin, Joseph D.

Extend the use of traditional quality tools to all areas of your organization

How to use control charts in an administrative...

Quality Makes the Grade

by Bradel, Teri

Quality Makes the GradeEducators at Northwest Technical College look to ISO 9001 for tools to improve workforce training systems

To assure services provided by CTS/ED are consistently high quality, we pioneered efforts to establish a quality system within the division. CTS/ED selected ISO 9001 as its quality system tool because the standard offers a systems approach in analyzing wo...

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ASQ News

Although she's a talented theoretician, Karen Kafadar, the 2001 winner of the ASQ Statistics Division's William G. Hunter Award, much prefers real application. The conference is sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Aviation/Space and D...

Quality Web Watch

ORGANIZATIONS The South Carolina Quality Forum, an affiliate of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, recognizes improvements in quality and productivity by organizations throughout the state. The forum administers the South Carolina G...

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Column: Emerging Sectors: Quality Makes the Grade

by Bradel, Teri

Quality Makes the GradeEducators at Northwest Technical College look to ISO 9001 for tools to improve workforce training systems

Educators at Northwest Technical College look to ISO 9001 for tools to improve workforce training...

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