June 2001

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Saving the Internet Survivors

by Sinha, Madhav N.

In the relentless battle for market share, profitability, and survival in today's fiercely competitive e-business environment, the winners will be those with a deep understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) and those with a commitment to...

Column: Emerging Sectors: Why an association became ISO 9001 certified.

by Miller, Darlene M.

AIAG sees the standard as the best way to continually design, build and deliver 'good stuff' for its customers

Becoming registered to the ISO 9001 standard was viewed not only as a means to improve the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)'s business processes and quality of work, but also as the way to ensure its products and services conform to customers'...

Learning From Mistakes

by Lathin, Drew; Mitchell, Ron

As U.S. companies strive to compete globally, they face increasingly rigorous quality standards that are difficult to meet, even for the most able companies. As a result, more firms are seeking to implement the lean production system developed at the...

How a Good Quality Management System Can Limit Lawsuits

by Goodden, Randall

In this age of ever increasing litigation, it is essential that manufacturers learn the key elements of product liability prevention and incorporate such efforts into the company's quality systems and procedures. When a manufacturer goes to trial in a...

The Road to TL 9000: From the Bell Breakup to Today

by Hutchison, Eugene E.

In accordance with divestiture, the seven Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) resulting from the 1984 breakup of AT&T were required to stop manufacturing products and begin purchasing all materials from suppliers. This situation necessitated a...

Concurrent Engineering - A Powerful Enabler of Supply Chain Management

by Balasubramanian, Raj

In transforming from traditional manufacturing operations to complete customer order fulfillment enterprises, many companies are implementing supply chain management strategies (SCM) to improve client satisfaction and reduce costs. Integrating product...

Quality Web Watch

It also includes information on the Indian automobile and health and medical industries, names of Indian organizations that promote quality, a list of certification bodies and consultants in India, links to organizations worldwide, articles, and lists and...

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ASQ News

A past president (1989-90) of ASQ, Hutchens was most recently awarded ASQ's Edwards Medal for leadership in the application of modern quality control methods in 1998. ASQ's new Six Sigma Forum à la carte offerings include training programs, a Black Belt c...

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