February 2001

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Measurements For Business

by Stein, Philip

Measurements are the principle tool used to manage businesses. Quality professionals who support process improvement must understand the principles and processes behind the measurements they make. The popular Balanced Scorecard approach divides the need...

How To Make Software Peer Reviews Work

by Ranganathan, Kala

Formal peer review is a powerful and cheap tool for determining the quality of a software product as it goes through system development. Ideally, peer reviews have the potential to quickly detect defects and reduce costly errors. However, since these...

Reliability Sample Testing - A Case History

by Scovronek, Jay

It is difficult to convince management that reliability testing is a worthwhile investment, so when an effort makes an obvious impact on net profits, it's wise to let management hear about it. A case history follows steps the Burroughs Corporation's...

Exploiting the World's Most Recognized Standard

by Palady, Paul

Tremendous progress has been made recently in the harmonization of world standards through the efforts of recognized standard-setting organizations. But it may not be possible in an era of expanding technology and diversified systems to achieve such...

10 Requirements for Effective Process Control: A Case Study

by Little, Thomas A.

Failure to control the manufacturing process results in product recalls, product loss or rework, and a decrease in customer confidence. Because the management of READ-RITE Corporation, a manufacturer of magnetic heads for computer disk drive, considered...

Doing It Wrong: A Case Study

by Roth, William; Potts, Marjorie

This case study looks at steps an insurance company took toward quality improvement, and how and why their efforts failed to achieve the desired results. Each step taken produced suspicion of upper management's motives, competition among middle...

Measure for Six Sigma Success

by Pearson, Thomas A.

Measurements, despite their proven historical significance, are still viewed as the cost of doing business and as production bottlenecks. In the new "measure for Six Sigma" world, measurements become a direct production activity resulting in a true...

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ASQ News

With the latter the government of Japan recognized his contributions as dean and professor of engineering at Kyoto University, president of the Japanese Society for Quality Control and president and chair of the International Academy of Quality (IAQ). The...

Quality Movement Helps Brazil's Economy

by Campos, Vicente Falconi

Key was establishment of a foundation

Examples of these books are Gerenciamento da Rotina do Trabalho do Dia a Dia 4 (Daily Work Routine Management) and Gerenciamento Pelas Diretrizes 5 (Managing by Policy). There must be a management system We have learned not to accept pulverized ideas. Aft...

Quality Web Watch

With this month's cover theme of "Measurement, Inspection and Testing," we've devoted this Quality Web Watch to related sites. The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society uses its site to post news on the design and use of instruments, computers a...

Quality in the Dot-Com World

by Randall, Richard C.

E-commerce distributorship gains ISO 9002 registration

Customer satisfaction "In the end, the processes we established, implemented and are keeping on top of in order to comply with the standard are the very same things we needed to do to keep customers happy," says Donna J. Guinta, bestroute.com's customer s...

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