July 2000

Planning Data Configuration for Statistical Analysis

by Sarell, William E.

A greater availability of electronically collected data has allowed problems to be solved on the basis of data rather than intuition. The combination of quality initiatives with computerized data analysis packages means increased utilization of...

Column: One Good Idea: NISO: a standard that parallels, complements and exceeds ISO 9000:2000

by Lamprecht , James

[Abstract from article]

Although countless people have spent a fair amount of time offering suggestions on how the ISO 9001:2000 standards could be improved, it occurred to the author that the best way to proceed was not to offer any more...

Optimization Impossible?

by Lowe, A.J.; Ridgway, K.

A basic element in the implementation of a quality function deployment (QFD) project is combining customers' preferences to create an optimum product design. George A. Hazelrigg has questioned the validity of this approach, however, illustrating that...

Six Sigma, E-Commerce Pose New Challenges

by Kendall, Jenny; Fulenwider, Donna

Companies feel a need to become more flexible and ready to respond to rapid changes due to the growth of e-commerce. Corporate systems for responding to such changes have the same role as that of the central nervous system in the human body. The...

Quality Lighting Means Quality Work

by Bachner, John P.

Organizations tend to ignore lighting when attempting to improve quality. Lighting optimization is critical to process quality improvement. When lighting quality increases, process costs decrease because people can work faster and commit fewer errors...

Obstacles to Implementing Quality

by Salegna, Gary; Fazel, Farzaneh

Organizational performance improves when quality management systems are implemented appropriately. Inconsistencies in the records of companies using Total Quality Management have given rise to debate about the usefulness of TQM programs, however....

Benchmarking the Home Pages of 'Fortune' 500 Companies

by Tamimi, Nabil; Rajan, Murli; Sebastianelli, Rose

The Internet has made dramatic changes in how goods and services are purchased and sold. The sophistication levels of Web presences vary from company to company, and different kinds of Web sites serve different types of audiences. Most Fortune 500...

ASQ News

ASQ's Quality Press is offering new materials on the 2000 revisions to the ISO 9000 series of quality management standards. The Accredited Standards Committee Z1 on Quality, Environment, Dependability & Statistics' (QEDS) Quality Management Subcommittee i...

A Case Study of Process Improvement

by Mogavero, Michael A.; Lake, Erinn

Result is an alternative method of service delivery

The university's coordinator of continuous improvement, a co-author of this article, organized the team and brought in Joan Chance, president of Newlin Quality Partners, West Chester, PA, for a daylong quality improvement training session. MICHAEL A. MOGA...

Abatement of Business Risk Is Key to Six Sigma

by Harry, Mikel J.

A closer link to executive thinking

From this perspective, Six Sigma has the capacity and capability to deliver concurrently customer and provider satisfaction, the key ingredients of business success. The third vehicle for delivering breakthrough, managing for Six Sigma (MFSS), is the unde...

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