April 1998

Technology and Performance Improvement: Intellectual Partners?

by Brown, Paula

The intellectual capital of an organization's people can increase in usefulness and value when there are computerized tools that manage and streamline performance. This technology supports improvement initiatives while building an organizational...

Enhancing Intravenous Services: A CQI Approach

by Goodrich, Cynthia A; Woodley, Kimberly S.; Morrison, Ellen M.; Garrett, Eleanor H.

A continuous quality improvement (CQI) program and the focus-analyze-develop-execute (FADE) process helped the staff at Virginia Baptist Hospital in Lynchburg, VA reengineer its intravenous (IV) services. These services had undergone a paradigm change,...

Benchmarking Your Plant Against TQM Best-Practices Plants: Part 2 of 4

by Rogers, Hank

The Rosemount Plant of the Emerson Electric Company is the second of four world-class operations described in a series of articles on quality practices. Rosemount has combined flexible manufacturing with total quality management (TQM) techniques and...

Making Multirater Feedback Systems Work

by Church, Allan H.; Waclawski, Janine

Assessment through multirater feedback is an exciting and effective tool, and its users should pay attention to implementation issues. Multirater feedback increases self-awareness in the focal individual, thus leading to improved performance and...

Open Access

What Higher Education Should Be Teaching About Quality - But Is Not

by Weinstein, Larry B.; Petrick, Joseph A.; Saunders, Paula M.

A survey of colleges and universities revealed inadequate correlation between quality-related topics taught in schools and topics identified as important by winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The teaching of quality is vital in...

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