November 1997

The Criteria: A Looking Glass to Americans' Understanding of Quality

by Saco, Roberto M.

Process Management is Category 6 in the 1997 criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA). As the sixth of seven installments on the Baldrige criteria, this article notes that the MBNQA is driven by values for which the criteria are...

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

by Huysse, Garry J.

By encouraging partnerships and collaboration between academia and industry, the TQO (Transformations to Quality Organizations) program can benefit the entire country. TQO was founded because of concerns about college graduates being inadequate in...

Creating Real-World Value

by Dean, James W. Jr.

The TQO (Transformations to Quality Organizations) program encourages research that can respond to practical, short-term questions as well as to basic inquiries on the nature of organizational success. Proposed by the Leadership Steering Committee, TQO...

Storytellers, Science, and Continuous Improvement

by Luther, David B.

The Transformations to Quality Organizations (TQO) program encourages practical research on quality. Prior to TQO there had been a dearth of rigorous studies on quality techniques. But now the Leadership Steering Committee, the National Science...

Salary Survey – 1997

by ASQ

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