December 2000

Moving Organizational Mountains

by Teck, David Choo Kah; Tobia, Peter M.

Alfred W.K. Chan, managing director of Hong Kong and China Gas Co., Ltd., also known as Towngas, realized the company's culture and strategy had to change in order to meet the needs of its customers. Chan took the role of a field associate so he could...

Quality Professionals Around the World Share Similar Concerns, Experiences

by Dedhia, Navin Shamji

The International Chapter of ASQ has grown from about 25 members in 1956 to more than 5,000 members in about 90 countries by 2000. Quality professionals worldwide want to hold on to a core set of principles, and similar challenges face the quality...

Column: One Good Idea: Listen to the workers

by Richard, Harry P.

[Abstract from article]

All too often, managers get so caught up in their day-to-day activities that they fail to listen to the workers. This can result in missing the bottom-line successes that TQM offers. These case studies, one occurring within a...

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Tire Failures, SUV Rollovers Put Quality on Trial

by Daniels, Susan

Business leaders and the general public are wondering about the value of quality management systems in the face of the Bridgestone/Firestone and Ford tire and SUV product failures. Photographs from the plant where the offending tires were made showed...

A World of Opportunity

by Hutchens, Spencer, Jr.

Quality professionals often create and maintain connections via voluntary associations. A new approach designed by ASQ to revamp its approach to affiliations with other quality groups includes a revised international position statement, a new strategy...

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A European Application Of the Business Excellence Index

by Kanji, Gopal K.

Critical success factors begin with leadership

The excellence seeker's approach applies a variable assignment algorithm that maximizes improvements to key areas of the organization to further improve business excellence. The BEM, shown in Figure 1, shows causal relationships among the total quality ma...

Continuous Improvement at an Agency For the Developmentally Disabled

by Wrona, Leonard; Hanson, Diana

Program is consumer focused, measurement oriented and team based

Today, our quality program, specifically the measurement element, has been identified as one of the two best consumer focused programs in the state system. These totals can then be summarized by category, survey, staff, consumer, program, agency and so fo...

Quality Web Watch


This National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) site offers information on quality in health care in a number of areas such as screening and prevention, diagnostics and treatments, delivery, efficiency and help for manufacturers. The site descr...

ASQ News

ASQ's Quality Management Division and the Education Development and Promotion Department have teamed up to create a new Certified Quality Manager section refresher course that reflects the recent revisions to the Certified Quality Manager examination. Mau...

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