December 1996

Maximizing the Value of Customer Feedback

by Goodman, John; DePalma, David; Broetzmann, Scott

The voice of the customer (VOC) is vital, but too many companies analyze this information inefficiently. Studies of over 100 companies by Technical Assistance Research Programs, Inc. (TARP) show how to improve customer feedback programs. Measures of...

More Voices Speak Out on the Future of the Quality Profession

by Stratton, Brad

Readers have reacted to the Quality Progress July 1996 special issue on the future of quality. Direct responses from about 24 readers to questions raised in the issue suggest that quality activities will become more integrated within organizations,...

Five Myths About Customer Satisfaction

by Rosenberg, Jarrett

Customer satisfaction programs are harmed by misperceptions. Satisfaction is not objective. Instead, it is an attitude that requires indirect and careful analysis. Measuring it is not simple or one-dimensional. Instead, satisfaction is complex and...

An Incentive Compensation Plan With an Eye on Quality

by Kluge, Robert H.

A quality incentive pool has motivated employees to increase product yield beyond 90% at Varian X-Ray Tube Products. The already good 90% yield and subsequent increases in market share and profit resulted from a quality improvement program. This...

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Measuring for Excellence

by Struebing, Laura

Measurement is a key to continuous improvement at four winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Federal Express Corp. systematically collects large amounts of data for immediate and potential use. Its customer satisfaction measures...

Measuring Performance with Customer-Defined Metrics

by Morgan, Mark W.

Clear and manageable indicators guide the 700-member Information Systems Contract (ISC) team in providing information services to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The contract included 187 metrics, such as the maintenance...

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Baldrige Award Celebrates Its 10th Birthday With a New Look

by Bemowski, Karen

The latest biennial review of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) has produced changes in framework, wording, application process, and title. The title change for the 10th anniversary in 1997 replaces the Award Criteria booklet with the...

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