November 2018

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The Gold Standard

by Bossert, James L.

Quality is all about process. Naturally, it comes as no surprise that ASQ’s process for developing and maintaining its stockpile of professional certifications teems with quality. It’s methodical, detailed, documented and comprehensive....

The Desired Effect

by Rusly, Johanna

Many of the activities and tasks carried out for personal and business purposes are project-based. Even tasks that aren’t directly viewed as projects still go through the typical stages of a project life cycle....

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Art of Improvement

by Chakravorty, Satya S.

The left and right sides of the human brain process information in different ways. Left-brain thinking is analytical and verbal, while right-brain thinking is creative and visual. There is rich exchange of information between the two sides of your brain....

Predicting With Plots

by Nelson, Wayne B.

Reliability textbooks lack information about a simple and informative plot for analyzing test and field data on repeated repairs of a sample of systems....

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