November 2017

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Statistics Spotlight: Fallacies of Statistical Significance: Online Tables 1-2

by Doganaksoy, Necip; Hahn, Gerald J.; Meeker, William Q.

Statistical significance (or hypothesis) tests, and the related concept of p-values, are popular tools in statistical data analysis....

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Nifty Fifty

by Edmund, Mark

This is the 599th issue of Quality Progress since its launch in 1968. And in that log span, it has documented every trend, happening and theory as the profession has evolved over 50 years....

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Reader Memories

by Dal Porto, Lindsay

A collection of memories, anecdotes and best wishes from QP readers....

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Forward Progress

by ReVelle, Jack B.

Since 1968, Quality Progress has been the leading publication to inform professionals throughout the world about quality and to share best practices. Of course, the concept of quality didn’t just happen 50 years ago....

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