November 2015

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On the Horizon

by Gaskill, Tyler

Experts share their ideas about what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. Their insights included using data to solve previously unsolvable problems and better connect people and processes, thus gaining knowledge of customers’ personalized needs....

To Measure Is to Know

by Leister, Susan; Tran, Suzanne;

Quality is often perceived as a qualitative attribute—“I know it when I see it”—rather than expressed as a quantitative one....


by Marra, Ted; Bendell, Tony;

Two thought leaders discuss how leadership must play a role in making quality an organizational strategic imperative and understand how the past and present influence the future....

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Pop Culture

by Edmund, Mark

WHETHER OR NOT the general public realizes it, quality is all around us, the quality profession is quick to profess. Virtually every aspect of society has been (or should be) touched by some form of quality....

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