November 2004

The Future of Quality: Customer Value

by Feigenbaum, Armand V.; Feigenbaum, Donald S.

This article is from the book The Power of Management Capital, available through Quality Press, item number P1026. Copyright restrictions do not allow its individual sale or its placement on My ASQ....

Five Lessons From a U.S.-English Merger

by Lore, Jonathan

Seeking to increase its presence in the global economy, a U.S. company ran into unexpected difficulties when it tried to implement its proven quality system at its newly purchased English subsidiary. Differences in language and work styles, consistency...

Simple Tools Improve Complicated Processes

by Monnot, Lynn

The combined use of simple lean/Six Sigma tools has enabled Wausau Window and Wall Systems in Wisconsin to benefit customers and shareholders by trimming costs and improving cycle times. The method uses fact based analytical tools and methodologies that...

Unsung Heroes of Quality

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie

Not many dedicated quality professionals attain the media-bestowed title of guru. Quality Progress readers respond to a call for examples of outstanding, but frequently overlooked, quality leaders. The eleven persons described represent diverse fields...

Sarbanes-Oxley: Pain or Gain?

by Cobb, Charles G.

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulatory requirements passed by Congress in 2002 ensures investors are provided with accurate and reliable financial data on all publicly traded companies. Implementation of these requirements can be expensive and difficult....

Open Access

PetroChina's Strategic Planning Focused on Quality

by Gao, Shengping; Li, Timothy

PetroChina is a consortium of numerous previously state-owned small- to medium-sized oil companies. Despite modernization efforts taken to reposition itself in the global market, PetroChina faced strong competition from both foreign and domestic sources...

Quality in the First Person

by Nix, Robert; Simonis, Matthew J.; Smith, Olin K.; Slane, William; Townsley, Rick

Five authors provide personal accounts of their quality experiences. In A Hunger for Quality, Robert Nix tells how a temporary job organizing files for a quality control manager turned into a permanent career in quality management. Certified Quality...

Watergate's Deep Throat – A Systems Thinker

by Crawford-Mason, Clare

The White House insider dubbed Deep Throat used systems thinking to link the events leading to the Watergate scandal. System thinkers transcend the tunnel vision of most thinkers to encompass the linear and tangible aspects of the big picture. History...

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