November 2001

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Keep Your Web Site Under Control

by Kaganov, Mark

Your Web site is one of the most visible and important communication tools your business has. In addition to making good business sense, effective Web site management can be a start to establishing compliance with the requirements for communication as...

What Do Customers Value?

by Gardner, Bob

Businesses frequently rely on customer surveys as a means of promoting an increased focus on customer outcomes and of stimulating improvements in the work practices and processes used within the company. Although customer surveys can be an invaluable...

Champions of Quality: The New Breed

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie

Joseph M. Juran notes that champions, or sponsors, leading specific improvement projects taken on by quality councils provide project teams direct access to a high level in the organization's hierarchy. Six Sigma has its own version of a Champion,...

Column: Frontiers of Quality: Make the View Worth the Climb

by Snee, Ronald D.

Focus training on delivering better business results

When upper managment sees training as a cost rather than an investment, it is easy to justify cutting that cost. However, using a Six Sigma paradigm to look at training as a means to improving performance in a specific project allows a...

Column: Emerging Sectors: ISO 9000 Without a Paper Manual

by Accardi, Valerie

Engineering consulting firm becomes results driven using benchmarking, measurable results and customer feedback

When ISO 9000 was retooled, John Carey, the new president of AIG Consultants Inc. (AIGC), took this as a signal to implement his desire to to focus on quality and consistency of customer service as the driving force toward...

A Road Map to Six Sigma Quality

by Gross, John M.

Many business executives interested in trying Six Sigma Breakthrough Strategies fail to realize that to be successful Six Sigma programs must become cultural revolutions that involve every member of the organization. What is needed is a road map that...

A Message for Everyone

by Whitacre, Teresa A.

Here's how to get everyone in your organization to see why quality is part of his or her job. Regardless of what industry an organization serves, there is one common element - the customer. Everyone in the organization, from hourly employee to senior...

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Duane presented his science fair projects at the American Supplier Institute's International Taguchi Methods Symposium in 1997 and got to shake hands with quality guru Genichi Taguchi. Speakers for the ASQ Six Sigma Conference 2002 will be Michael L. Geor...

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