November 1996

Eugene L. Grant: 1897-1996

by Struebing, Laura

Eugene L. Grant died on July 9, 1996 in Palo Alto, CA, at the age of 99. A lifelong educator, Grant pioneered in the fields of statistical quality control, engineering economics, and industrial engineering. He held bachelor's and master's degrees in...

Consult Your Customers Before Making Plans

by Massnick, Forler

Customers must be the focus of strategic planning. However, many companies focus on internal matters and operational planning, while assuming the company knows best what customers need. Other impediments to listening to customers include fads like...

The Realistic Model of Higher Education

by Bailey, Duncan; Bennett, Jerome V.

The primary customers of higher education are employers, while students are products. Accepting this model is a step toward implementation of total quality management in higher education. The model is appropriate for many technical, undergraduate...

Another Look at "A Graphical Exploration of SPC"

by Hoyer, Robert W.; Ellis, Wayne C.

The authors of "A Graphical Exploration of SPC" (May and June 1996 issues of Quality Progress) comment on readers' letters about their two-part article. Among the responses by Hoyer and Ellis are the following. Their examples using the normal...

Salary Survey – 1996

by ASQ

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