October 2016

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Diving Deeper

by Sipper, Joe;

Expectations for meaningful, usable analyses are growing along with the appreciation and availability of data. Today, decision makers have an increasing need to extract value from all of this data....

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ASQ's 2016 Standards and Auditing Guide

by QP Staff

org A2LA offers accreditation to and training on ISO/ IEC 17025, ISO/ IEC 17020, ISO Guide 34, ISO/ IEC 17065, ISO/ IEC 17043, ISO 15189 and CLIA requirements. com/ software- US Special Advertising Section Standards and Auditing Guide ANSI- ASQ National...

Elephant in the Room

by He, Bering;

A story of six blind men describing an elephant by touch provides lessons on why auditors must not rely on incomplete information. Auditors often create composite sketches of organizations’ quality management systems by assessing their parts....

Coordinate, Collaborate and Consolidate

by Oland, Carl M.;

When organizations first adopted ISO 9001:1987, they couldn’t foresee that someday they might consider adopting one or more industry-specific interpretations, standards and guidelines with similar requirements that have proliferated since then....

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Leading the Way

by Freeman, Robert; Drown, Jennifer;

The 2015 revision of ISO 9001 includes changes to more clearly address the role of leadership in an organization’s management system. Identifying this role can be challenging for organizations implementing the standard....

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