October 2010

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Get Your Ducks in a Row

by Orthaber, John

The ISO 9001 quality management system has been around since 1987, and it is generally acknowledged that the system produces some fairly significant benefits, including improved profitability, higher sales and better employee morale....

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Word Power

by Scriabina, Natalia; Smith Fullerton, Romayne; Mehta, Burjor

By using this practical guide, quality auditors, managers, engineers and other professionals in the field will be able to clarify their written messages and inspire their readers to constructive actions....

Brace for Impact

by Wells, James

There are two main problems with internal audits, but both have a solution that has produced good results in real-world situations. It’s called an “audit for impact.”...

Dealing With Disconnect

by Conklin, Joseph D., Mazu, Michael J.

"Tips" was retiring. He was smiling, and with good reason. I was not, and with equally good reason. As the company’s senior auditor, his leaving meant things would never quite be the same....

No-Hanging Fruit

by Conklin, Joseph D., Mazu, Michael J.

I first met the “no-hanging fruit” problem back in the day when ultrasonic impulse meters (like some quality problems now) were as big as a bread box—or bigger....

More Than Words

by Conklin, Joseph D., Mazu, Michael J.

Mr. Lenz, the CEO of Acme Film was very excited—and contagiously so. “My whole career,” he exclaimed, “has been a rehearsal for this one big moment. The company and my work are riding on whether 3-D photos succeed!”...

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