October 2009

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Moving Right Along

by Cartia, Robert

Art is knowledge kept in the artist’s mind. Science is knowledge that is documented. The goal of any lean organization is to transfer art to science: tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. Applying lean to aid in the process of control is vital....

Open Access

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

by Scriabina, Natalia; Smith Fullerton, Romayne; Brinkley, Joel; Kierans, Kim

Journalists are experts in managing conversational flow and encouraging people to open up and provide vital information. Their techniques can serve auditors well as they navigate the frustrating quagmire of audit and assessment interviews....

Think Again

by Sahi, Sonny

If we stop and contemplate why we think of audit results as pass or fail, we may become more aware of how our mentality affects the way we behave during an audit and how that mind-set influences others....

Score One for Improvement

by Leip, Terry

Five years ago, Intel’s IT organization decided to improve internal customer satisfaction and the efficiency of IT projects with a CMMI-based process improvement activity to develop standard processes for project management....

Starting Line

by Cooper, Jill

So, you’ve volunteered (or, as one of my coworkers says, you’ve been “volun-told”) to lead your company through the implementation of ISO 9001. Now what do you do?...

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